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Yogi Lifestyle: Eating Well – “Climate Change, Vegetarians and Meat Free Mondays”

Vegetarian Paul McCartney supports PETA


Whilst we aren’t vegetarians or vegans here at YOGI LONDON towers, we do strongly believe that most Londoners need to significantly cut back on their meat consumption.

Similar to GOOP’s article on sugar addiction, we believe that we all eat far too much meat in this day and age, far more than we have ever had access to before and at levels which neither the environment nor our bodies can handle.

If, like us, you do not wish to became a fully-fledged vegetarians, we advise that you have as many meat free days during the week as possible. And, when you do eat meat, we suggest that you try to eat good quality food which has been farmed and sourced responsibly: quality not quantity is the name of the game.

The links between meat and climate change have been well-known for several years. A UN study in 2006 showed that the livestock industry was responsible for a staggering 18% of man’s global greenhouse gas emissions, partly because of deforestation in the Amazon.

The world’s leading authority on climate change, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, told the Observer that going meat-free once a week was the “most attractive” way for individuals to reduce emissions. The Guardian has also revealed that hospitals in the NHS were taking meat off menus as part of a strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions, while just recently the Belgian town of Ghent announced plans to make every Thursday a meat-free day.

Paul McCartney has been a vegetarian for some years and supports is cause through his late wife’s food company. They are doing excellent work to encourage every day consumers to have meat free Mondays, something which Yogi London is thoroughly keen on! Read more about their wonderful campaign here.

Here are some Linda McCartney delicious meat free recipes!

And here are some other yummy vegetarian recipes available on foodpress.com.

Also See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/jun/15/paul-mccartney-meat-free-monday