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N O M   Y O U R S E L F

W H A T    K A T I E     A T E 

K R I S    C A R  R

H A P P Y    H E R B I V O R E

V E G A N     Y U M     Y  U M 

V E G A N    F U S I O N

R I V E R     C O T T A G E 


D I G U S T I N G L Y    G O O D

E A T     L I V E     R U N

H O N E S T L Y     H E A L T H Y

T H E     R A W T A R I A N

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Events: Workshop – “Cleanse your Digestion in Dulwich, South London”

digestive cleansing

Shankhaprakshalana (cleansing the digestive tract) involves drinking many rounds of warm, saline water whilst practising a series of postures to move the water through the digestive system. It is followed by kunjal (regurgitation of water) and neti (nasal cleansing).

The Satyananda centre  are running a weekend workshop which takes you carefully through the practice. They provide you with lots of information and  reading to do before you join the workshop about what you should eat before and after the class. A one-month diet follows this rather full-on detox session.

The science behind digestion cleansing

There is a very formative article available by Dr Anna Timmis about the science behind the benefits and some precautions to take. The basic idea is that the salt water passes through your stomach and small bowel and acts as a natural laxative, clearing out any blockages. There are many nooks and crannies in the bowels as it twists and turns, where contents can get lodged. Also, the bowel walls contain villi, little sea anenome-like tenticles that reach out and provide lots of in-betweens for build up. This yoga technique for cleansing digestion, leaves the bowel walls clean and clear, which can also help prevent bowel cancer. It has been found that the low fibre in our diets can cause build-up and increase the amount of time that potentially carcinogenic substances are in contact with the bowel walls.

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9th April (advanced booking essential – limited places)


104 College Road, Dulwich, London, SE21 7HW

How much?


More information on Satyananda website