Centre: West London – “Iyengar Yoga Institute in Maida Vale”

Iyengar Yoga London

Iyengar yoga is a form of Hatha yoga that uses belts and blocks to achieve perfect alignment and posture. It is a busy centre with over 50 classes a week for beginners and advanced students. It was opened in 1984 by the founder of Iyengar yoga himself, B.K.S Iyengar.

The centre started in an old artists studio as there was no central place for early London Iyengar teachers to practice, and was funded by the teachers and Mr Iyengar. For ten years, Mr Iyengar stayed at the artists studio on visits to London and it became known as his ‘home away from home’. in 1994 the present building was opened by Mr Iyengar and it is now an award winning studio.

If you’re new to Iyengar or yoga, they have free taster classes and beginners courses.

Next free Taster classes

Monday 18 April, 6.15 – 7.15pm

Wednesday 20 April, 7.45 – 8.45pm

Thursday 14 April, 8 – 9pm

Saturday 16 April, 2 – 3pm


223a Randolph Avenue
Maida Vale
London W9 1NL
Tel: 020 7624 3080

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Centre: Central London – “Triyoga Centres in Covent Garden, Soho and Primrose Hill”




This is one of the most established and still one of the most exciting yoga centres in London. It has three locations – Primrose Hill, Covent Garden and Soho. All very convenient. It was started by a man called Jonathan Sattin in 2000 who gave up umpteen coffees and cigarettes a day in the pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle. He has a great yoga story to tell

Practising yoga (on the mat) and in a broader way, increased my awareness + instincts across my life; from the way it improved my football (without losing any of my highly competitive streak) to the way I now practiced law with a difference – trusting my instinct as much as knowledge + experience. Read more

Triyoga combines Yoga, Pilates and Treatments to give everyone access to a healthier lifestyle choice. But they are not preachy about it, it’s more about exploring yourself and having fun. They have excellent workshops (e.g. “Where yoga meets Neuroscience” or “Reviving the Spine”) and teachers. If you haven’t tried it yet, get yourself down there in your lunchbreak or after work.

A word of warning, evening and weekend classes can get busy and a packed studio can be intimidating if you are new and find it hard to follow the instructions. So make sure you choose a class that is right for you. If in any doubt, call them or contact us for advice.

Great yoga teachers

Triyoga must have the largest list of yoga teachers connected to their centres, including some of Yogi London’s favourite teachers – Graham Burns (also teaches at the Life Centre), Lisa Sanfilippo, Mark Hill (also teaches Ashtanga at Special Yoga, Kensal Rise), Mimi Kuo Deemer (also teaches at Special Yoga, Kensal Rise),

Keep up to date with their news and events (workshops get  booked up FAST!) on Triyoga Twitter

primrose hill

6 erskine road, primrose hill, London, nw3 3aj

Nearest Tube: chalk farm

Telephone: 0207 483 3344

google map



2nd floor, kingly court, soho, london, w1b 5pw

Nearest Tube: oxford street

Telephone: 0207 483 3344

google map


covent garden

wallacespace, 2 dryden street, covent garden, london, wc2e 9na

Nearest Tube: covent garden

Telephone: 0207 483 3344

google map


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Events: Courses – “Beginners Hatha @ Special Yoga Centre, Kensal Rise in West London”

New Beginners Hatha Yoga 5 Week Course

Starting this Thursday, Jenny Fleming will be taking a group through the beginnings of Hatha Yoga. Special Yoga Cenre at Kensal Rise is a great place to start – its relaxed, friendly and a true drop-in centre so not everyone there is REALLY serious.
It’s a good price for a 5 week course at only £45 or just £10 for a drop-in class, which is less than most yoga classes.
Date: Thu 17/03/2011 – 14/04/2011
Time: 20:15 – 21:15 
Price: £45 for full 5-week course, £10 drop-in

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the basis of all physical forms of yoga. A practice that relaxes, balances and energises the body, and calms the mind. Classes include a combination of postures, breathing techniques and deep relaxation.

Jenny Fleming

Jenny is a Sivananda based Hatha Yoga teacher who did her training in India in 2006 and since then has gained experience covering different Yoga classes for various yoga teachers throughout London. She now teaches her own classes at the Special Yoga Centre and other yoga centres/gyms in North London.

Events: Workshop – “Mary Jarvis at Bikram, Richmond in West London”

Learn with the Head Coach in the International Yoga Championships Team

This is your chance to learn yoga with one of the best coaches out there – I mean, she trains the UK International Yoga Championships team!! So if you think that you might have what it takes to become one of the best, or if you acknowledge that you are in need of some serious help, or if  you’re curious to see what this special lady can do – get your ticket now!

Mary Jarvis

Mary Jarvis

Mary has been a teacher of Bikram for 27 years. She is an excellent illustrator of technique and a boundless source of yoga inspiration. As a survivor of a near fatal auto accident, she is living proof of the power of Bikram yoga.

She is twice named ‘who’s who in Bikram yoga’ by Yoga Journal Magazine as one of the TOP THREE Bikram yoga teachers IN THE WORLD!

She is also head of the Coaches Committee of the USA Yoga Federation whose goal is to introduce yoga to the Olympics and the youth of the world.

People travel from all over the world to train with her at her centre in San Francisco. She has trained 7 world yoga champions and hundreds of regional champions. Get in there and get training with the best!

At this time all places for the seminar have already been reserved but we have started a waiting list in case payments for reservations are not made. If you are interested, speak to us in person on reception.


Bikram Yoga in Richmond

7–9 Church Court,

0208 948 6448


Sunday 27th March

10am – 4pm

How much?


Events: Seminar – “Meditation talks at the London Meditation Centre, Notting Hill in West London”

Why learn to meditate? 
Everyone has a different reason – less anxiety, greater creativity, improved health and more rewarding relationships are some good motivations.  Most of all, people learn because they sense that something needs to change in their lives, and they know change begins with more clarity and a shift in awareness.
London Meditation Centre
Vedic Meditation is a simple and pleasurable process to initiate transformation in your mind, your body and the way you connect and interact with the people around you. 
The London Meditation are holding a series of introductory talks throughout March that are open to the public. Go along to find out more:
  • Tuesday March 8th, 7:00pm
  • Tuesday March 15th, 7:00pm
  • Tuesday March 29th, 7:00pm
These one-hour talks are without charge and are often fully booked.  To reserve a place, send an email and they will send you complete address details with your confirmation.
Vedic Meditation Courses at the London Meditation Centre
Step 1. Attend an Introductory Talk
The first step in learning to meditate is to come along to the free Introductory Talk where you learn how the technique works, the benefits experienced and how it is taught. The talk lasts about an hour.
Click here to register: Intro Talk sign-up
Step 2. Join a Meditation Course
After attending the Introductory Talk, you are invited to learn to meditate. The course is structured as four sessions over four consecutive days, Friday through Monday.  Each session lasts about two hours and is planned to fit around work schedules.
Why Vedic Meditation?
Practising Vedic Meditation brings a wide range of practical benefits including improved health, reduced anxiety, a clearer & more creative mind, better sleep and more rewarding relationships.
Vedic Meditation allows the activity of thinking to become increasingly quiet. This process continues until the mind transcends thought and experiences its most settled state while alertness is fully maintained. As a result the body gains a state of very deep rest.


Location in Notting Hill – details to follow on place confirmation


To reserve a free place, email Jillian and Michael at info@londonmeditationcentre.com
Follow them on Facebook or Twitter

Centre: East London – “Frame, Shoreditch”

Frame is the dance, fitness, yoga, Pilates studio right smack-bang in the middle of Shoreditch.

Frame was created with the intention of making getting fit fun and not such a chore .

It really is laid back, fun and fabulous…and most of all increedibly cool. We at YOGI LONDON simply love their kick ass ethos and brilliant sense of style.

Each of their classes is individually priced so you can rock on up any time and simply pay as you go! Normal pricing is below, however, Frame top up card holders get even cheaper classes – see all the details at http://www.moveyourframe.com/prices/

Class Cost Guide:

Dance / Fitness / Yoga
30 mins – £8
45 mins – £10
60 mins – £12
Vibe – £15
Aerobic Pilates / Pilates Apps – £15
Reformer Pilates – £18

Here are some of their fabulous up and coming events:


  • For all of you who like the idea of YOGA, have done YOGA a few times or use to do yoga and would like to ease your way back into the world of the yogie, they have altered the next course from a complete beginner course to an ‘IMPROVER’ and/or ‘REFRESHER’ course.
  • It is still 6weeks long, still on Mondays at 2015, still £68 and starts on Feb 28th. Call to book a space.


  • This workshop from 3pm to 4pm! It is still happening on the 26th Feb
  • £20. 


  • 10am SUNDAY. Starting Sunday 20th Feb. This is a one hour class.


  • Yay we have confirmed dates for February for a whole lot of YOGA goodness!
  • Sat 5th – Beginner YOGA Workshop – EMMA
    Sat 12th – YOGA Detox Workshop – AMALIA
    Sat 19th – YOGA Core Workshop – AMALIA
    Sat 26th – YOGA Inversions Workshop – AMALIA


  • The next Beginner Course will start on Monday nights at 20:30 from 28th February 2011. Cost £68.

Website: http://www.moveyourframe.com/

Where: 29 New Inn Yard, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3EY

Telephone:020 7033 1855

Nearest Tube: Shoreditch High Street Overground or Barbican

Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am – 10pm, Sat: 10am – 5.40pm, Sun: 10.30am – 5.30pm

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Events: Courses – “Various, Evolve Wellness Centre, South Kensington, West London”

woman doing yoga pose

Evolve Wellness Centre has just opened in South Kensington, West London.

They have a number of interesting courses planned over the coming months, see a summary below:

Address: 10 Kendrick Mews, SW7 3HG

Register:   To sign up call evolve at 020 7581 4090. Please check each course detail, however, because registration might differ for some courses.

yoga pregnancy course

Days: thursdays

Time: 9:30am-11am

Teacher: Dina Karim

Length: 6 week course  

Price: £80

1-time drop-in taster class – £15 (if you would like to join the course, please sign up immediately after class)

basic theta healing course

Dates: 25th – 27th February

Time: 10am – 5pm

Theta Healing: is a fast and powerful system of knowledge which aids people to create profound and lasting change in their lives. It  is a meditation based system which works with the understanding that we are the architects of our own lives. We have the power to design and create what we choose and what we desire. Theta healing® works on all levels of a persons being, mental, physical and spiritual and can aid you to facilitate progressive change with grace and ease, inviting harmony and balance into your life.

Teacher: Lizzie Mccallum

Register: Please visit Innovate528.co to register and for more information

Length: 3 day course

Price: £395 per person

4-week manifest your soulmate course

Days: Mondays

Dates: 7th – 28th March

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Teacher: Corinne Blum

Register: Registration deadline is 4th March.

Length: 4 Week Course

Price: £115  before 28th Feb –  £130 after 1st March

6-week meditation course

Days: Thursdays

Dates: 10th March – 14th April

Time: 6-7pm

Teacher: Sam May

Length: 6 Week Course

Price: £75 which includes a guided meditation CD

ashtanga yoga beginners course

Day: Wednesdays

Dates: 16th march – 20th april

Time: 6:00-7:30pm

Teacher: Elinore Burke

Register: Registration deadline: 11th March

Note: Two drop-in taster classes will held prior to the course (2nd + 9th March). £15 each.

Length: 6 week course

Price: £75

transformational breath course: developing a self practice

Days: Tuesdays

Dates: 22nd march – 12th april

Times: 6:00-7:30pm

Week One
Grounding: The Diaphragmatic Breath

Week Two
Expansion: Deepening your Connection

Week Three
Expression: The Power of Sound and Movement with the Breath

Week Four
Returning: Developing a Transformational Breath practice at home

Teacher: Aimee Hartley

Note: Only 5 spaces available to ensure each participant receives individual attention. 1st session will run until 8pm.

Level: All levels welcome

Length: 4 week course

Price: £110

a new consciousness for a new age

Days: wednesdays

Dates: 4th may – 1st june

Times: 6:30-8:30pm

The world will not end on the 21st of December 2012 – but a way of being will. 2012 marks the transition from old, “polarity-based” consciousness to a more unified sense of collective “oneness”. Come and learn how best to ride that wave!

Session 1:
Be Here Now

Session 2:

Session 3:
I am that, I am that, I am that

Session 4:
Not that, Not that, Not that

Session 5:
I am

Teacher: Dr Shomit Mitter

Length: 5 Week Course

Price: £165 on or before 26th April – £215 on or after 27th April

kids yoga club

TBC – if you are interested please email: info@evolvewellnesscentre.com with your preferred days and times, and the age of your child

Yoga Kids Club offers classes that expose children to the principles of yoga. In a non-competitive and fun-filled environment, students will explore postures while learning about mindfulness and imaginative relaxation techniques. Additionally, the classes convey lessons in social skills, positive thinking and self-esteem whilst having fun with other kids.

Note: This course requires a minimum of 5 children to run.

Length: 6 week course

Price: £55

appleyoga intermediate level course

Days: Thursdays

Dates: 13th january – 14th april

Times: 7:45-9:00pm

Vinyasa yoga class, incorporating yoga flow – linking asana, breath, sound, meditation, relaxation and music in a steady, unbroken stream. (only available to those who have completed a beginners course)

Teacher: Katy Appleton


14 Week Course – £145
12 Week Course – £135
10 Week Course – £125
7 Week Course – £105
Drop-In Class – £15

appleyoga beginners plus course

Day: Thursdays

Dates: 27th january – 14th april

TimesL 6:30-7:45pm

The Beginners Plus Course is a step on from the Beginners Course. Expect to see a slower pace vinyasa flow class with plenty of time to inquire into the alignment and structure of new poses, whilst deepening the understanding of the energy body, breath techniques and enjoying the introduction of music into the flow at appropriate times. (only available to those who have completed a beginners course)

Teacher: Katy Appleton

Register:  If you have any questions feel free to call on 0845 643 7027 or email info@appleyoga.com.


12 Week Course – £135
10 Week Course – £125
8 Week Course – £115

appleyoga pregnancy course

Days: Thursdays

Dates: 27th january – 14th april

Times: 5:30-6:30pm

register:  If you have any questions feel free to call on 0845 643 7027 or email info@appleyoga.com.


12 Week Course – £150
10 Week Course – £140
8 Week Course – £130

Note: If your 38th week of pregnancy falls within the course, please pay until that point and then £14 per class. This must be filled out when booking for the first time.

yoga basics course

Day: Mondays

Dates: 21st february – 28th march 

Time: 6.00-7.15pm

Teacher: Martin McDougall

Length: 6 Week Course

Price: £75

Events: One Off Events – “Various, Evolve Wellness Centre, South Kensington, West London”

woman in yoga pose

Evolve Wellness Centre has just opened in South Kensington, West London.

They have a number of interesting events planned over the coming months, see a summary below. 

Address: 10 Kendrick Mews, SW7 3HG

Register:   To sign up call evolve on 020 7581 4090


gong bath

With: gordon coxon

When: 1st + 3rd thursday of every month | 6-7pm

upcoming dates: 3rd + 17th march 

What is a Gong Bath?
In a gong bath the body is literally ‘bathed in sound’, promoting a deep sense of well being and inner peace. The sound of the gong has the effect of timelessness – and of de-materialisation. People often have the experience of floating in space, or in an ocean; some have inspiring visions, or see colours.

Availability:  Limited to 10 people (please register). In 2011, the Gong Bath will take place every 1st + 3rd Thursday of the month.

Price: £12 per person

mind focus + meditation evenings

With: susie pearl + lizzie mccallum

When: Tuesday evenings, 7-8:15pm

Create more abundance, health, calm, happiness and clarity through guided leading-edge manifesting techniques and integration of mind with body and soul.

● Powerful tools to help you consciously manifest abundance

● New ways to activate health, wealth, love and harmony into your life

● Easy and fast routes to blast limiting beliefs

● Direct downloads to your deeper self restoring more balance, calm and relaxation

● Meditations and visualisations to create life the way that you choose

● Integrating the aspect of mind-relaxation into your healthy body and soul practice

Price: £15

sustainability club

When: 1st thursday of every month | 6-7:30pm

upcoming dates: 3rd March

Chaired by Dr Morgan Phillips

Evolve are hoping to create a Sustainability Club for proactive groups and individuals in our community to exchange ideas, launch projects, gather expertise and support each other in the quest to bring sustainability to South Kensington.

energy balance

With: sangeeta sidhu

upcoming dates: 1st + 9th march | 6:30-7:45pm

Ever feel tired for no reason?  Walk into a room and feel drained?  Do you find that when you have been around a lot of people you feel uncomfortable and end up exhausted?  Do arguments leave you shattered and out of sorts for days or do you know what to do to make yourself feel better?

Manage your energy, find an oasis of peace and calm in any hectic day.  Learn how to balance yourself and to be calm within – no matter what is happening around you..

Learn 5 easy tips to control your emotions and your energy so you are in charge of them.

Learn the 7 stages of physical changes your body’s energy goes through and apply it to your own life day by day to understand the reasons why you live the life you do, and how to improve it.

Price: £10 per session

kirtan: a new season of chanting from the heart

With: nikki slade + mark fisher

When: friday, 4th march | 7:30-9pm

Come and join Nikki + Mark in this celebratory evening of Chanting from the Heart

What is Kirtan?
Kirtan or Chanting is a devotional practice which fills us with joy, releases tension and anxiety, and leads us ultimately into deep meditation. Chanting opens the heart and purifies the mind. The Sacred syllables that we sound with our tongues, come from deep within us since the beginning of time in a revealed language of the heart known as ‘Sanskrit’.

Everyone is welcome. Please note you do not have to be a singer to chant.

Price: £13 per person

celebrating women on international women’s day

With: corinne blum

When: tuesday, 8th march | 6:30-8:30pm

Price: £20 per person in advance   and £25 per person day of + on the door

welcoming spring: a day of yoga, manifestation + restoration

With: dr. shomit mitter, sue chopping and gordon coxon

When: saturday, 19th march | 1-5:30pm

13:00-14:00:  Manifestation Session
14:15-16:15:  Samadhi Yoga Class with Meditation
16:15-17:15:  Gong Bath
17:15-17:30:  Closing

Price: £45 per person

worship the beloved

With: poplar + chippewa cosmo

When: wednesday, 6th april| 6:30-8:00pm

All are welcome.

Cost: By donation only (suggested £10)