We realised, from our own personal experience, how difficult it can be find the right style of yoga, the right centre and teacher to suit you.

Speaking to friends we realised that there is a lot of interest in yoga around London and yet we hear all too often, “Well I tried yoga, I went to a class, but it was too difficult/too easy/too spiritual/too physical etc for me, so its not for me”.

There is such a wide variety of things going on around yoga in London, however, we felt that the lack of a central point of information and discussion made it difficult for people who are curious about yoga to find out more and get involved.

We wanted to create a platform where people who love (or might one day in the future love) all things yoga, not just practicing but also its lifestyle, can share their stories, tips and experiences.

Welcoming Yogis

Yogi London brings together reviews of yoga centres across the capital and highlights some of the incredible teaching talent that London holds through our Add a yoga teacher’ campaign. We want to drum up some support for those individuals who dedicate their practice to helping others learn and enjoy yoga.


Yoga has improved the quality of life of many people in this great and exciting city, who suffer from the pressures of modern life. There’s no doubt that the high-speed life of the city has its effects on our mind, body and spirit. We hope that this site brings the benefits of yoga to more people, making Londoners happier people!