The Art of Attention by Elenaor Brower

We love this book, The Art of Attention by Elenaor Brower. The website itself is a feast for your eyes and so beautifully designed. Heaven! The book doesn’t let you down. Go for it, buy it and you won’t regret it!




Events: Night Out – “Informal Social Evening with Sandra Sabati”ni

Join Pinter & Martin at our home/offices for an informal social evening with Sandra Sabatini, the author of Breath and Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, to read from her latest book Like a Flower and talk about her meetings with Vanda Scaravelli, author of Awakening the Spine.

The conversation with Sandra will be followed by drinks and a light buffet dinner and guest will have the opportunity to get books signed. The admission fee goes towards author’s fees and expenses.

In addition guests will be emailed a discount code to buy any Pinter & Martin book in stock at 30% off, including Like a Flower and Awakening the Spine. Your purchase must be collected at the event, otherwise extra delivery costs will apply. Books will also be on sale at the event, and credit cards accepted on the day.

Please note that the reading will be filmed.

To book tickets, go here to book online.

Venue: Pinter & Martin, 6 Effra Parade, London SW2 1PS

Date: Sunday 4th December, 2011

Time: 6.30pm – 10.00pm (reading expected to start at 7.00pm)

Advance booking strongly advised.


If you have any queries please call             020-7737 6868       or email us at

Yogi Life: The Power of Vulnerability, Brene Brown

Brene Brown
Lisa Sanfilipo shared this video via her newsletter and we are so happy that we can share it with you. It’s a powerful, heartfelt 20 minutes that will bring your life into a new perspective.

What do we do when we feel vulnerable? We numb our pain, and in doing so we numb all feelings, everything. Without joy we go looking for things to fill our lack of worthiness. That’s only half of it – folow the link below to watch:

Yogi Lifestyle: Eating Well – “Yotam Ottolenghi, Plenty Cookbook”

Aboslutely delicious yogi friendly and vegetarian recipes in Yotam Ottolenghi’s delicious cook book – Ottolenghi Cookbook (£25). Many will be famililar with their fantastic cafes in Islington, Notting Hill, Kensington and Belgravia. Yotam Ottolenghi also writes a weekly column The New Vegetarian in the Guardian weekend Saturday magazine.

An unpredicted turn, around the age of 30, saw Yotam come to London in 1998 to study cookery at the Cordon Bleu. Prior to that, whilst still living in his native Israel, he was pursuing a career in completely different spheres – academia and journalism.

In 2002, he teamed with Noam Bar, Sami Tamimi and Jim Webb to set up Ottolenghi. This was, in all honesty, an instant success.



Ottolenghi, Notting Hill

63 Ledbury Road

London W11 2AD

020 7727 1121

Ottolenghi, Islington

287 Upper Street

London N1 2TZ

020 7288 1454

Ottolenghi, Kensington

1 Holland Street

London W8 4NA

020 7937 0003

Ottolenghi, Belgravia

13 Motcomb Street

London SW1X 8LB

020 7823 2707

Yogi Lifestyle: Reading Well – “Yoga for Dummies”

A fantastic yoga reference book and guide for beginners

yoga for dummiesDespite the garish yellow cover, the Yoga For Dummies book is written with warmth and understanding of the yoga practice. A lot of people only have a narrow view of yoga having practiced only under a few teachers, but this book gives you a birds-eye view of the philosophy and practice of yoga, opening up options to develop your practice and discover more.

It is a practical book in all senses – it explains the benefits of yoga in modern terms and also offers exercises for different needs and people. So if you have never done yoga before you can begin to explore the different approaches and methods. Handy pop-out boxes explain some of the ideas in more detail around the meanings of the teaching. It is full of answers to the questions that you never get around to asking at the end of yoga classes!

Authors Dr. Georg Feuerstein and Larry Payne have an immense amount of experience behing them. Dr Feuerstein has written 30 books on Yoga, Hinduism and Tantra. He is keen for the 30 million Western practitioners of Yoga to be educated in the traditions so that they can go out and find the right yoga for them. Payne is an internationally prominent teacher, author and workshop leader on Yoga and back care who has helped thousands of chronic back sufferers and high stress professionals.

Buy it on Amazon for £8.32

Teacher Review: Quantum Yoga – “Lara Baumann”

Quantum Yoga is a dynamic flow form of yoga developed by yogi Lara Baumann. First, the teacher identifies the kind of sequences and yoga practice most suitable for you, based on an Ayurvedic assessment of your physical and mental attributes. Your training will aim to regulate your traits.

Lara teaches publically and privately all over the world. She also is currently on a world tour of teacher training, co-ordinating retreats and and various private teaching.

Lara teaches public lessons on Tuesday nights in Notting Hill. She also is hosting a number of retreats and courses in 2011.

Book: Quantum Yoga, Creating Your Ideal Practice From an Ocean of Possibilities

There are many DVDs available to purchase too!

Telephone: 0795 741 8597


Website: or

Great shots of Lara’s wonderful ability on this website: