YogaAt’s first studio Yoga West in Chiswick / Acton open to all levels

The yoga west studio hosts 35 weekly yoga and pilates classes from london’s best instructors in a beautiful, welcoming and relaxed space. we have classes and courses suitable for all ability levels.

All classes are drop in so you can just come along. we also run 6-week courses in yoga, Pilates and meditation.

What makes this yoga centre different? Our drop in classes are suitable for all levels

Pilates, Vinyasa, Ashtanga

Yogaat West London – open to all levels

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What kind of classes are offered?

We offer a range of classes and workshops, including those listed below. Our full class timetable is available online at Power yoga Vinyasa flow yoga Pilates Ashtanga yoga Core flow yoga Gentle flowing yoga Pregnancy yoga Parent and baby yoga Meditation


Westpoint, 33-34 Warple Way, Acton W3 0RG


Classes: Anja Brierley Lange – “Saturday Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Streatham”


Time: 9.30-10.45am

Where: Streatham (Capoiera School/Streatham Therapy)

Starts: 26th of November

Repeats: Weekly


I am really excited to add a Saturday morning class to the timetable. Get ready for the weekend with a radiant flowing start on Saturday mornings. This is a Vinyasa Flow class similar to the Tuesday and Thursday 8pm classes.

Events: Workshops and Courses at the Life Centres, Notting Hill and Islington

Here are some upcoming worshops and courses at the Life Centre!

19 November 2011
Saturday Beginners Course – 5 weeks
with Amy Ku Redler
from 12:15 to 13:30
at Notting Hill
This 5 week course introduces the classic body of yoga postures (asanas) and basic sequences, including sun salutations. A focus on healthy alignment principles and an introduction to breathing practices (pranayama) will help build strength and flexibility, as well as cultivate greater mental clarity and calm.

21 November 2011
Monday Beginners Course – 5 weeks
with Leone Roberts
from 20:15 to 21:30
at Notting Hill
We are delighted to offer a beginners’ course on a Monday evening. Throughout this course you will learn the main classic yoga postures (asanas) with a strong focus on alignment so that you will learn how to discover the benefits of classical yoga poses whilst building both strength and flexibility.

05 November 2011
with Liz Lark
from 14:00 to 16:00
at Islington
The session will include a series of partnerwork and adjustments to deepen connection and awareness of moving the body as one integrated unit. During sequencing, we will tune in with touch to enhance connection in yoga postures as a dynamic process..

06 October 2011
Unwind Your Spine
with Catherine Annis
from 14:00 to 16:00
at Notting Hill
When the spine is free, our body moves easily and with grace. In this workshop we will discover practical approaches to releasing long held tensions within the spine that will change our experience of our selves, physically, spiritually, and psychologically. A workshop based on the approach developed by Vanda Scaravelli. Suitable for all levels and for those working with chronic, but not acute, spinal issues.

12 November 2011
Yoga At Home: Simple, Effective, Transformative Practices for To Suit Your Daily Life
with Lisa Sanfilippo
from 14:00 to 16:00
at Islington
Make Yoga Your Own. How can yoga serve as beacon of light and energy to take you through the darker days of autumn and as an oasis of calm to keep you centred as the holidays approach – even when you can’t make it to class? Your own yoga practice can pave the way to revelations in your life, and meaningful transformation of your body, mind and heart.

26 November 2011
Tantra, Yoga and the Chakras
with Jeanne Heileman
from 14:00 to 17:00
at Islington
Curious about the mysterious terms ‘tantra’ and ‘kundalini’? Heard of the chakras but not really sure how they relate to your yoga practice? Or simply want to explore these ideas in more depth?

27 November 2011
Relax and Live
with Diana Holland
from 14:00 to 16:00
at Notting Hill
Gentle yoga sequences to ignite your inner glow, techniques to help you stay calm and centred then finishing with a long guided deep relaxation with transforming suggestions to release metal and physical tension and create an enthusiastic positive mind; helping you make the most out of the coming months.

Events: Saturday Classes – “Jennifer Gill, Hatha Vinyasa, High Barnet”

Jennifer Gill is teaching a great Saturday Morning Class in High Barnet.

Time: 10am – 11.15am

Style: Hatha Vinyasa, Smooth moves to cool music

Address: Church House, Wood Street, High Barnet EN5 4QS

Tel: 07590 828450


Cost: £8 per class – every 6th class free!

Class: “Vinyasa Flow – West Hampstead”

Class description

Classes are appropriate for students of all levels, including beginners. Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic form of Hatha yoga. Poses flow from one to the next, in tune with the breath. For each class, I choreograph bespoke sequences, based on different themes. I offer modifications to make poses accessible for beginners as well as variations to challenge more experienced students to their heart’s content!

Our philosophy

Yoga enables us to be in touch with our bodies in new ways. I experiment with poses, inviting students to stretch, bend, and explore different perspectives on the world. You will develop endurance and flexibility, discovering parts of your body you didn’t even know existed! Yoga is a moving meditation, focusing on the breath as an anchor for the mind, to keep us present and in the moment.

Come to my classes expecting to be challenged physically and mentally. Expect to leave feeling like a new person! Please see my website for further info:

Name of yoga teacher Caroline Dollar
When? Sundays
Style of yoga Vinyasa Flow
Where? West Hampstead, NW6

Events: Workshop, Retreat – “Feb 2012, Goa Vinyasa Flow Yoga Retreat”

Relax,rejuvenate and restore on a vinyasa flow yoga retreat ,with pranayama,meditation techniques,restorative yoga and yoga Philosophy .Set in a tranquil garden with luxurious cottages walking distance from the beach. The yoga will take place in a newly built shala and at least one sunset class.
Download this leaflet about the retreat TaraSoul Goa Retreat 2012
From £395 sharing. The event is mainly for one week though it is possible to extend to 10 days or 14 subject to availability.

Teacher Nomination: Dynamic Vinyasa – “Catia”

Nominated by: Maria Pilottos

Catia is a Great teacher, she brings warmth and love into the class. Her energy and approach to yoga is inspiring, leaving one feeling a sense of gratitude and life.

Her style is dynamic vinyasa a challenging, yet adjusted to all levels practice, her use of breath and asana is a continuous flow, a moving meditation, integrating philosophy and various styles of music.   

Catia will be teaching 2 classes a week  @ Indaba the new yoga studio opening in Marylebone spring 2011.

Teaches private groups and 121

Style of yoga

All styles – Dynamic vinyasa, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, SunPower yoga…


Virgin Active – Thursday, Regents park and Strand,  VA Clapham , Light centre – Friday, Queen Mothers- Saturday, Privately

Yogi Lifestyle: Personal Experience – “The Flowering Lotus, by Anja Brierley Lange”


Here’s another great post by our friend Anja

The Flowering Lotus
blooming even when we feel murky


The lotus flower, quite rightly, symbolises spirituality and growth. Many also see the Lotus as a symbol of a of Buddhism, of temples, even yoga studios and logos of holistic practitioners…

There is a Buddhist text called the Lotus Sutra and the flower is often mentioned in this spiritual work. The Lotus grows in mud and mucky water. However, despite this, it flourishes and grows towards the sun and turning into a beautiful flower. Just like we may have dark and unpleasant experiences, we also have the potential to flourish into amazing beings.

My favourite quote about the Lotus is from the Chandogya-Upanishad:

“In this body, the town of Spirit, there is a house shaped like a Lotus, and in this house there is a little space. One should know what is there… In that space within the heart there is as much as there is in the whole World outside. Heaven, Earth, fire, wind, sun, moon, lightning, stars; whatever is and is not, everything is there. That space is the home of Spirit. Self is there beyond decay and death, sin and sorrow, hunger and thirst. Self stays in the heart. Who knows this enjoys the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Now, the lotus posture, padmasana, may look like a pretzel and completely out of our body’s comfort zone. But even as you sit cross-legged, on your heels or in a chair for meditation think of a very steady seat, feeling complete grounded. You can imagine your hips and legs being steady and releasing downwards. From this foundation let your spine rise, the crown of the head lift as if towards the Sky or the Sun. Just like a lotus flower rising from the mud. Bring your awareness to your heart centre. Meditating on the quote form the Chandogya Upanishad know that everything you need is right there.


Anja enjoy teaching yoga and share the knowledge of a yogic and ayurvedic lifestyle in SW London (Streatham, Balham, Chelsea and Parson’s Green). You can join us for a 2 1/2 hour Spring Clean Yoga Workshop in South London Sunday the 17th of April. Please look at for further details on workshops, clinics, timetable and listen (and practise to) to a full class online. Sign Up for her newsletter andemail if you would like to her to discuss a specific topic or yoga posture.

Anja is yoga teacher specialising in Vinyasa Flow (all levels), Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga. She has several qualifications including teacher training programs with Barbara Harding, Sivananda and Seane Corn (Vinyasa Flow). She also had the pleasure of attending teacher workshops with Shiva Rea. Her pregnancy, postnatal and perinatal yoga training has been inspired by many teachers including Françoise Barbira Freedman, Birthlight, Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Claire Missingham’s specialist Teacher Training courses.

She has a BSc and PGDip in Ayurveda from Middlesex University. This qualifies her to practice as an Ayurvedic practitioner, advising on herbs, lifestyle, diet as well as giving body treatments including massage.

Visit for further detail and to sign up for her newsletter. You can also find her, Twitter ( and Facebook (


Click here to read some more of Anja’s posts

Teacher Nomination: Jivamukti – “Lizzie Reumont”

Lizzie’s background as a restorative body therapist (thai yoga massage and craniosacral therapy) help support her nurturing yet challenging teaching style as a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher.

The use of pranayama and attention to body alignment and breath are integrated into a vinyasa-based fluid class that integrates yoga philosophy and classical yoga postures strung together with innovative sequencing. Her slightly longer breath count enables students to deepen their understanding each asana, rather than rushing through the practice that often result in injury.

Lizzie teaches twice a week at Alchemy in Camden, and will be teaching five classes a week at Indaba, a new studio opening in Marylebone in May. She also teaches privately throughout London.


Tuesdays, 10am; Sundays 3.15pm

Style of yoga



Alchemy, Indaba, privately

Teacher Nomination: Vinyasa in Putney – “Gena Davidson”


I am a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.  I want to make yoga available to everyone as it has so many benifits.  I am passionate about creating a calm and safe enviroment for my students.  I am available for Private Tuition, classes and for fun girls nights in with a yoga twist.


Monday, Wednesday and Sunday


Putney Bridge Clinic


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