Special Offer: “4 yoga sessions for £29, Egoist Body Studios in Fitzrovia”

Egoist body works

Saving you over 50% on four yoga sessions, you need to hurry to catch this deal which ends today on Living Social. We haven’t tried out the space yet so anyone who enjoys the deal, do let us know what you think. Its great to see a yoga centre so central and it certainly sounds alluring:

Egoist’s gorgeous studio — housed in a Georgian townhouse, and complete with chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrors — has had glowing reviews from the press, and is located in Fitzroy Square, one of London’s most beautiful areas. Choose from a range of classes, including: power yoga, vinyasa yoga, classical pilates, and pilates dance fusion. Hush — do you hear that? That’s the sound of your body and mind saying, “Thank you,” in perfect harmony.

Get the deal!



Teacher Nomination: Dynamic Vinyasa – “Catia”

Nominated by: Maria Pilottos

Catia is a Great teacher, she brings warmth and love into the class. Her energy and approach to yoga is inspiring, leaving one feeling a sense of gratitude and life.

Her style is dynamic vinyasa a challenging, yet adjusted to all levels practice, her use of breath and asana is a continuous flow, a moving meditation, integrating philosophy and various styles of music.   

Catia will be teaching 2 classes a week  @ Indaba the new yoga studio opening in Marylebone spring 2011.

Teaches private groups and 121

Style of yoga

All styles – Dynamic vinyasa, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, SunPower yoga…


Virgin Active – Thursday, Regents park and Strand,  VA Clapham , Light centre – Friday, Queen Mothers- Saturday, Privately

Teacher Review: Graham Burns – “Samana Yoga”

Graham Burns

Graham teaches lovely fluid, gentle and expressive classes where everyone leaves feeling warm, comforted and sometimes energised. He is a very approachable teacher which means that you can get a lot out of the classes, making sure that you practice in the right way for you.


My yoga teaching is non-dogmatic and reflects the variety of styles which I have studied over the years. My earliest teachers included well known UK teachers Simon Low and Liz Lark, and my relaxed, flowing asana style draws extensively both on their influence and on my studies of the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition with Richard Freeman and other leading teachers, including John Scott and Dena Kingsberg.

I try to keep classes creatively and imaginatively sequenced, with an eye on their energetic as well as physical effects. Pranayama (breathing) and meditation are integral parts of my yoga practice and most of my classes include these as well as asana (postures). I am also an experienced teacher of gentle yoga and have been recognised by the London Evening Standard as a top teacher of yoga nidra (a deep guided relaxation practice).

Read more about Graham’s yoga journy, inspiration and style on his website http://www.samanayoga.com/

Classes in London with Graham Burns

6 Erskine Road, Primrose Hill, London NW3
Sunday 9.00 to 10.15 am, level 1-2
Sunday 10.30 to 11.45 am, yoga gently for all levels
Wednesday 9.30 to 10.45 am, level 1
Friday 9.45 to 11.00 am, level 1-2

15 Edge Street, Notting Hill, London W8
Tuesday 7.30 to 9.00 pm, level 1-2 with meditation
Friday 2.30 to 3.45 pm, dynamic level 2
Saturday 1.45 to 3.15 pm, level 2 

1 Britannia Row, Islington, London N1
Thursday 11.00 am to 12.15 pm, gentle yoga with meditation

88a Thurleigh Road, London SW12
Saturday 10.30 am to 12.00 noon, all levels

Graham is also available to teach individuals and groups privately; please call or e-mail for more information.

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Centre: Central London – “Triyoga Centres in Covent Garden, Soho and Primrose Hill”




This is one of the most established and still one of the most exciting yoga centres in London. It has three locations – Primrose Hill, Covent Garden and Soho. All very convenient. It was started by a man called Jonathan Sattin in 2000 who gave up umpteen coffees and cigarettes a day in the pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle. He has a great yoga story to tell

Practising yoga (on the mat) and in a broader way, increased my awareness + instincts across my life; from the way it improved my football (without losing any of my highly competitive streak) to the way I now practiced law with a difference – trusting my instinct as much as knowledge + experience. Read more

Triyoga combines Yoga, Pilates and Treatments to give everyone access to a healthier lifestyle choice. But they are not preachy about it, it’s more about exploring yourself and having fun. They have excellent workshops (e.g. “Where yoga meets Neuroscience” or “Reviving the Spine”) and teachers. If you haven’t tried it yet, get yourself down there in your lunchbreak or after work.

A word of warning, evening and weekend classes can get busy and a packed studio can be intimidating if you are new and find it hard to follow the instructions. So make sure you choose a class that is right for you. If in any doubt, call them or contact us for advice.

Great yoga teachers

Triyoga must have the largest list of yoga teachers connected to their centres, including some of Yogi London’s favourite teachers – Graham Burns (also teaches at the Life Centre), Lisa Sanfilippo, Mark Hill (also teaches Ashtanga at Special Yoga, Kensal Rise), Mimi Kuo Deemer (also teaches at Special Yoga, Kensal Rise),

Keep up to date with their news and events (workshops get  booked up FAST!) on Triyoga Twitter

primrose hill

6 erskine road, primrose hill, London, nw3 3aj

Nearest Tube: chalk farm

Telephone: 0207 483 3344

google map



2nd floor, kingly court, soho, london, w1b 5pw

Nearest Tube: oxford street

Telephone: 0207 483 3344

google map


covent garden

wallacespace, 2 dryden street, covent garden, london, wc2e 9na

Nearest Tube: covent garden

Telephone: 0207 483 3344

google map


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Centre: North London – “The Life Centre, Islington”

the life centreMany serious yoga goers have heard of or been to the Life Centre in Notting Hill, a serene place which seems to always be full of gorgeous looking earth mamas. Well, brilliant news North Londoners! The team have decided to launch another sister yoga and pilates centre in Islington!

There’s lots of offers and events happening to celebrate the opening:

Special offer on Daily Candy

Subscribers to daily candy website can mention ‘DailyCandy’ and get their first class free: http://www.dailycandy.com/london/

Open House Weekend

The centre plan an Open House Weekend on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th February, throughout which regular Saturday and Sunday classes will cost just £4. 

Taster classes

Islington yoga studio

Taster classes, which give visitors the chance to try lots of different yoga styles in a shorter time frame, will only cost £2. One of the taster classes is also for those new to yoga, so all beginners welcome too.



During the weekend the centre will host two Sunday yoga workshops, suitable for students of all levels and priced at a discounted rate.

Yoga Nidra – The Science of Profound Relaxation with Graham Burns

Graham will discuss some of the key principles of yoga nidra and explore how and why it works, both from the perspective of the ancient yogis and the perspective of modern science.

Yoga & The Art of Loving with Lisa Sanfilippo

Carefully cultivated poses and practices that will help you to shift your body-patterns and thought forms towards greater openness.


As part of the weekend, the team will have a puja (ritual) to invoke the blessings of Ganesha, who, in Indian mythology, is associated with new beginnings and the removal of obstacles.

The puja will begin at 4.15pm on Saturday 12th February and will be conducted in traditional form by Keshava Shastry.


Immediately after the puja, they will round off the day’s celebration with kirtan and music. The kirtan (call and response singing) will be led by Narayani, a well known devotional singer, voicework facilitator and yoga teacher. The kirtan will run from 6.00pm to approximately 7.00pm, after which Ann Malone will play the meditative sounding hang.
Guests on the evening will also receive a treat-filled Life Centre Islington gift bag.

When and Where?

How much: Classes generally £13 each
When: Schedule online at www.lifecentre.com.

ISLINGTON: 1 Britannia Row, London, N1 8QH Telephone: 020 7704 0919

NOTTING HILL: 15 Edge Street, London, W8 7PN Telephone: 020 7221 4602

Centre: East London – “Hatha and Ashtanga at Yoga Place, Bethnal Green”

Yoga place London

Yoga Place is one of the main yoga centres in East London and has many classes all based on a mixture of asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing) and dharana (meditation). It mainly specialises in Hatha, Ashtanga and Dynamic yoga so you get a good dose of physcical exercise from this hip and friendly East London yoga studio.

 It is conveniently situated near to Bethnal Green tube station on the central line so easy for those in the city or in central London. Monday – Thursday there are 2 classes starting at 7.45 so even those who work long hours should be able to get to the last class of the day once in a while.

Yoga place is a nice yoga space

The first time I went to Yoga Place I got there a bit early but went on in, grateful for the time to get to know the new surroundings – a vital part of entering a new yoga space for practice. I found a pile of shoes at the door which I decided were suitably “East-London style”. The reception has an area with lots of cushions on the floor and low tables for visitors to sit and wait for class, while flicking through some of the yoga coffee table books or magazines. For me it is important that a yoga centre offers more than just a class but that it makes you feel at ease in the space. At Yoga Place there is a small kitchen area where students can help themselves to tea and it is a reminder of some of the workshops that take place here at the weekend.

Building your confidence

There are two studios of similar size, fully eqiuped and well kept. Small windows between reception and the studios give the place a transparent and open feeling. In my class there was a mixture of people but clearly the ‘open’ classes assume a basic understanding of yoga and a level of comfort in following instructions without too much correction. I would recommend going to a beginners class if you are a beginner or don’t feel particularly confident. It was nice to see a good mix of men and women in the class and throughout the centre.

Yoga Place in Bethnal Green is a great place to practice if you live nearby and a very easy and convenient place to get to if you don’t. I’m looking forward to spending some time there over a weekend and trying out some of the other classes.

As well as the yoga classes (and cushions to drink tea and read books)

Yoga & Meditation workshops

Saturdays  5th Feb / 2nd April / 7th May / 3pm to 5pm / £20 for your first session, by donation for all subsequent sessions.

Experience: Open to all, no previous experience necessary.

How can I slow down? How can I bring more stability into my life? How can I be less affected by life’s constant demands? How can I simply enjoy the lightness of being?

Mysore practice

If you can remember the Ashtanga Vinyasa sequence, or if you’re happy just to free-style, then go along to the Mysore sessions in the morning. From 6am – 9am you can drop in to practice in a group with the help of a yoga teacher but you can take it at your own pace.

If you want to find out more before dropping in, you can take part in a Mysore workshop which take place on  Sundays 6th Feb / 6th March / 10th April / 11am to 1pm / £30 (£25 concessions)

Therapy Rooms

You are doing something amazing for yourself by practising yoga but sometimes you need a little extra to help you get through periods of mental and physical un-wellness and stress. The therapy rooms offer Ayurvedic Treatments / Acupuncture & Physiotherapy / Cosmetic Acupuncture / Homeopathy / Thai Yoga Massage / Reiki / Massage. They are all independent practitioners and are available through Yoga Place at different times so contact them directly to find out about pricing and more about the benefits: http://www.yogaplace.co.uk/index.php?id=7

Where? 1st Floor, 449-453 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 9QH

Telephone: 020 7739 5195



Our building is on the corner of Pundersons Gardens and the entrance is the bright orange door on Bethnal Green Road.

We are 1 minute walk from Bethnal Green tube station (central line), which is one stop from Liverpool Street station. Busses 8, 106, 254, 309, D3 and D6. Some metered and pay & display parking in adjacent streets. This is generally free before 8am and after 5.30pm mon-sat, and free all day Sunday (to be sure please check the bay you are in). There are railings outside the centre which you can chain bicycles to – make sure it is a good lock!

Centre: West London – “The Life Centre, Notting Hill”

This is a very busy yoga centre because it is a beautiful place to practice. I found the receptionists (people seem to congregate around the reception) very welcoming although they are clearly very busy and run the place like the successful business that it is. You do have to get there reasonably early (or at least on time) to get in to the class but they don’t over pack the classes at least. I take busy classes only as a good sign.

Regular Yogis

Most people you seem coming and going look like they know what they’re doing because they do – there are many regulars who take a daily yoga class in their stride. I went to a few different teachers, some that I loved (Alexa Harris, Mark Hill, Kahti Goupil) but some other teachers did seem to be a bit rushed. The good thing is that, with two studios and many classes, there is almost always something good on to go to so its a great fall back plan if you feel a sudden urge to stretch out in a group.

Level 2 = Level 2

I thought that the standard of teaching was high. They clearly get enough regular goers to be able to teach a true level 2 when the class is billed as such. They don’t hang around for newbies and I think that’s right. Having said that, every class will be different, so find out more about the teacher before you turn up if you’re nervous, or a first-timer.

Mini Yoga Retreat in London

The £10 for 10 consecutive days is great, especially if you are just visiting London on holiday. Alternatively, do this when you have some time off and treat it as a mini yoga retreat in London. Use the centre for all that it offers – a central place to experience a lot of different yoga styles and teachers.
  • Yoga Styles: Ashtanga, Pilates, Mummy and Baby Yoga, Dynamic, Iyengar, Anusara Inspired Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga with Meditation, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation
  • Private Classes? Yes
  • Studios: 1 very large beautiful studio (capacity 40) and 1 loft space (capacity 10). Go for the studio if you can!
  • Classes/wk: 87
  • From/To: 6am – 10pm
  • Class length: 1hr /1hr15 / 1hr30 / 2hrs
  • Prices: £12 / £13 / £14 / £15
  • Special Prices: 5 classes = £60, 10 classes = £105, 20 classes = £190. Community classes are £6 to all.
  • New Students: £10 for 10 consecutive days

Changing Room: M&F, showers, lockers, hairdryers. Very nice, but a bit small when busy!
Equipment: Very good equipment and plenty of it.
Reception: Extremely friendly and inviting. The reception becomes a kind of social space where regulars and teachers chat before and after classes.
Typical visitor: Young, fit, wealthy and serious about yoga.
Other services: Massage, Healing, Nutrition and Diet, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Rolfing, Bodywork, Reflexology, Cranio Sacral Therapy


Website: www.thelifecentre.com

Address: 15 Edge Street, London, W8 7PN (see on map)
Phone: 020 7221 4602
Email: info@thelifecentre.com