Islington Pregnancy Yoga: Sublime teaching, restful atmosphere

Purely Pregnant offers pregnancy yoga classes in Islington, helping you to relax and prepare for the birth of your baby.
Pregnancy yoga Islington London

Pregnancy yoga Islington

“At Purely Pregnant, we understand how important it is for mums-to-be to find time in their week to relax and find refuge from the demands of their busy lives. Whilst our pregnancy yoga classes will help prepare you for birth with essential breathing techniques and by working to open and strengthen the body, we will also ensure that you leave your class feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed”



Laycock Street, London, N1 1TH

Website: http://www.pregnancyyogalondon.ent


Yoga Centre: Glow Yoga – First infrared heated rooms, Covent Garden

Glow Yoga Covent Garden


Yoga Flow challenging and nurturing warm yoga in an infra red heated room in Covent Garden


Glow Yoga is a modern approach to a time-tested practice: uniting traditional yoga with current anatomical understanding and practiced in a state-of-the-art warm studio, the first in Europe to use infra red as heating source.

Glow Yoga is a flowing yoga that combines hatha yoga flow with the principles of Pilates and movements from complementary disciplines. Each class comprises an intelligent sequence of dynamic postures delivered with a care that will challenge, but also nurture.

The stylish secular space in Covent Garden is inspiring and welcomes all abilities. We offer Foundation classes, restorative classes, dynamic flow classes and Glow  Pilates.


Glow Yoga is a warm flow studio offering

  • Foundation classes for beginners
  • Flow classes for those who know the yoga poses
  • Fire classes for warriors
  • Bliss classes to restore and recharge
  • Core flow and Glow Pilates if your middle is a riddle

Where is it?

14 – 16 Betterton Street, Covent Garden, London


Special Offer: “4 yoga sessions for £29, Egoist Body Studios in Fitzrovia”

Egoist body works

Saving you over 50% on four yoga sessions, you need to hurry to catch this deal which ends today on Living Social. We haven’t tried out the space yet so anyone who enjoys the deal, do let us know what you think. Its great to see a yoga centre so central and it certainly sounds alluring:

Egoist’s gorgeous studio — housed in a Georgian townhouse, and complete with chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrors — has had glowing reviews from the press, and is located in Fitzroy Square, one of London’s most beautiful areas. Choose from a range of classes, including: power yoga, vinyasa yoga, classical pilates, and pilates dance fusion. Hush — do you hear that? That’s the sound of your body and mind saying, “Thank you,” in perfect harmony.

Get the deal!


Centre: “Glow Yoga – Covent Garden, Holborn”

The Yoga studio is a beautiful, bespoke, bamboo studio. The room is gently warmed like a sunny day to allow your body to open safely and relax.

Each class comprises an intelligent sequence of postures that flow from one to another, delivered with a care that will challenge, but also nurture.

Glow Yoga creates effortless harmony in the body. Each class is designed to create a balance of strength, tone, flexibility and mobility and a calming of the mind.

After a Glow Yoga class you’ll be smiling at strangers, helping old ladies across the street and beaming out good vibes all day long!
What kind of classes are offered?: Glow Yoga is a fluid, flowing style of Yoga practised in a warm room. Each class comprises an intelligent sequence of postures that flow from one to another, delivered with a care that will challenge, but also nurture.

Glow Yoga creates effortless harmony in the body. Each class is designed to create a balance of strength, tone, flexibility and mobility and a calming of the mind.

Foundation classes, full flow classes, advanced classes and restorative classes available.

A community feel that wants to spread the love to everyone!

Glow Yoga Foundation Series

The Foundation Series is a set of 4 Glow Yoga Foundation classes that you can take in any order.

Each class instructs you through the key tools that are fundamental to Glow Yoga, will give detailed flow instruction and will workshop 3 – 4 key poses in each class.

The Foundation Series is suitable for beginners, we recommend you do all four at least once before you move on to a Glow Yoga Flow class.

The Foundation Series is also suitable for improvers looking to tweak their practice. Either attend all classes in the Foundation Series or pick and choose the classes you want to go to:

Glow Yoga Flow – for those who know the poses and want a fluid flow that will challenge as well as nurture. The flow class is available in 60, 75 and 90 minutes

Glow Yoga Bliss – the delicious restorative class opens, stretches and calms. Suitable for beginners, and for those who want to recharge.

Glow Yoga Fire – this class is for urban warriors. A flow class with holds and advanced postures. Minimal instruction will be given so that you can lose yourself in the flow.


14 – 16 Betterton street, WC2H 9BU





Centre: “Indaba Yoga – Marylebone, Central London”

Indaba yoga marylebone

Yoga centre Indaba is a high quality yoga centre that is filling up with life. It has a strong and distinctive design – both reassuring and courageous. The teachers are well known across London for being experts in their disciplines.

  • The famous Stewart Gilchrist teaches Yogasana, a challenging class with lots of movement and fun in a heated room. He also teaches at the Light Centre, Belgravia.
  • Mark Khan teaches Dharma Mittra, a spiritual and all inclusive class which is not for those you don’t like inversions. I got cramps in my upper arms half way through the class but loved it anyway!
  • Lisa Sanfilipo is the most inspiring teacher of Anusara yoga currently in London, she also teaches at the Life Centre, Notting Hill

Many of the classes at Indaba are in the larger, heated room even if they are not publicised as a heated class. The heat is nothing compared to Bikram though and a bit of extra sweating is generally appreciated  by all students.

There is a great atmosphere at Indaba thanks to lovely people who work at reception, the experienced teachers, and students that follow.




Events: Yoga in the Park – “Kensington Palace Gardens”

yoga in the park

If you go down to the park this weekend, you’ll be sure of a big surprise! For every yogi will be practicing outside in the park with yoga teacher Liz. It’s not often we Londoners get to experience the joy of practicing yoga outside but it is a wonderful thing to do. And this way, you won’t feel silly doing it all by yourself. Curious passer-bys may stare but you can share the attention with the group!

Starting Saturday, May 14th, I will be teaching yoga every week on the lawn of Kensington Palace Gardens. There is nothing like practicing outside to reconnect with the earth and oneself, and practicing in a group to benefit the lives of others both extends the connection from the earth to all beings, and from the mat into daily life.

Find out more…


Saturday’s, 9:00am-10:30am


Kensington palace gardens, south or palace, west of broad walk ( opposite and south of pond)

How much?

The class is a donation-based class with all proceeds going to a London- based organization called The Kids Company.

The Kids Company helps at risk kids from 0-23 years old in a variety of ways. They provide everything from in-school therapy to full live-in care for children to young adults, and a variety of programs in-between such as after school programs and mealtime programs, depending on the needs of the individual.

Visit Liz’s blog for more information:



Centre: Central London – “Triyoga Centres in Covent Garden, Soho and Primrose Hill”




This is one of the most established and still one of the most exciting yoga centres in London. It has three locations – Primrose Hill, Covent Garden and Soho. All very convenient. It was started by a man called Jonathan Sattin in 2000 who gave up umpteen coffees and cigarettes a day in the pursuit of a more balanced lifestyle. He has a great yoga story to tell

Practising yoga (on the mat) and in a broader way, increased my awareness + instincts across my life; from the way it improved my football (without losing any of my highly competitive streak) to the way I now practiced law with a difference – trusting my instinct as much as knowledge + experience. Read more

Triyoga combines Yoga, Pilates and Treatments to give everyone access to a healthier lifestyle choice. But they are not preachy about it, it’s more about exploring yourself and having fun. They have excellent workshops (e.g. “Where yoga meets Neuroscience” or “Reviving the Spine”) and teachers. If you haven’t tried it yet, get yourself down there in your lunchbreak or after work.

A word of warning, evening and weekend classes can get busy and a packed studio can be intimidating if you are new and find it hard to follow the instructions. So make sure you choose a class that is right for you. If in any doubt, call them or contact us for advice.

Great yoga teachers

Triyoga must have the largest list of yoga teachers connected to their centres, including some of Yogi London’s favourite teachers – Graham Burns (also teaches at the Life Centre), Lisa Sanfilippo, Mark Hill (also teaches Ashtanga at Special Yoga, Kensal Rise), Mimi Kuo Deemer (also teaches at Special Yoga, Kensal Rise),

Keep up to date with their news and events (workshops get  booked up FAST!) on Triyoga Twitter

primrose hill

6 erskine road, primrose hill, London, nw3 3aj

Nearest Tube: chalk farm

Telephone: 0207 483 3344

google map



2nd floor, kingly court, soho, london, w1b 5pw

Nearest Tube: oxford street

Telephone: 0207 483 3344

google map


covent garden

wallacespace, 2 dryden street, covent garden, london, wc2e 9na

Nearest Tube: covent garden

Telephone: 0207 483 3344

google map


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Centre: Central London – “Oasis Leisure Centre” Holborn

Distinct from purely commercial enterprises, GLL is the first leisure operator in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Social Enterprise Mark.  Not just another leisure company, but a charitable social enterprise that exists for the benefit of the community.

Oasis Sports Centre

Situated in the heart of London, this is a real find for all sorts of activities, not just yoga. Walking past one day I decided to step in and I found an outdoor swimming pool which you can swim in for only £4 an hour (although they said you can stay as long as you like in fact). It’s a real hub of activity in an unbelievably convenient location, it’s cheap and it’s a social enterprise – what a great place! Don’t expect anything luxurious though.

Winners of Big Society Award 2010 – read more

Yoga classes at the Oasis Sport Centre (as of March 2011)


– Pilates 1.15 – 2.15

– Ashtanga 7.30 – 8.30


– Meditation 11.30 – 12


– Pilates 7.30 – 8.30am

– Tai Chi 10.00-11.30 am

– Ahstanga Yoga 7.00 – 8.30 pm

– Pilates 6.30 – 7.30 pm


– Hatha Yoga 6.15 – 7.15 pm


– Pilates 11.00 am – 12.15


– Hatha Yoga 11.00 am – 12.30


Address: 32 Endell Street, London, WC2H 9AG

See map

Telephone: 020 7831 1804


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Centre: Central London – “Theosophical Society, Baker Street”

Yoga in Baker Street

Tucked away in a large terraced building on Gloucester Place, near Baker Street is the Theosophical Society. When London’s corporate culture begins to overwhelm you, this old establishment filled with spiritual books and intellectual people, tucked away right in the heart of London will be a great comfort.

Coming to practice here confirmed for me that there really are all sorts of very VERY different practices going on. Practising at the Theosophical Society building has almost nothing in common with practising in a gym, a large yoga centre, especially a Bikram yoga centre. The emphasis here is on the philosophy behind yoga.

Theosophical Society

theosophical society in baker street yoga lessonsThe society is founded on the principal of a universal wisdom that underlies all religions of the world. The belief is that people should strive towards their own truth, rather than one imposed by authority. They teach tolerance of other religions and the individual search for truth through study and contemplation. The Theosophical Society is gaining more interest and attention in a society of mixed religions, often suffering the consequences of conflict between them. It’s a great place to know about if you want to dig a little deeper in to the background of yoga and other spiritual pursuits.

Yoga for the mind and body

Yoga at the Theosophical societyI entered the building which looks more like a library that a health club on the inside. The room that we practised in was panelled with book shelves and had a carpeted floor. For those of us without mats, we practised on the carpet itself.

Marion from Yoga Circle teaches a beginner’s yoga class and there is also meditation on offer from the Dhyana Centre. I went to one of Marion’s classes and found a very friendly, mixed class. There were people of all ages and more men than in most yoga classes. I was curious about the flip chart that we studied for the first 30 minutes, as I have not been to such a theoretical class before, but Marion engages with every member of the group, which gives a wonderful energy and harmony to the room. It is a true beginner’s course because she covers all areas thoroughly, learning different areas each week: strength, meditation, diet, relaxation and breathing. There is a good recap and continuation to the classes so that progress is made throughout the 8 weeks. Anyone starting this class will go on to practice mindfully and effectively.

Marion of Yoga Circle teaches Sivananda yoga in Baker Street

Dhyana Meditation classes are 7-9pm on Tuesdays and 11 – 4pm on Sundays.

Sivananda Yoga with Marion is 7-9pm on Thursdays for beginners and 7-9pm on Mondays. The next beginner’s course starts on 22nd April 2010, book before 14th March for £10 discount.

  • Yoga Styles: Sivananda, Meditation
  • Private Classes: No
  • Studios: 1 small studio (capacity 12) which is carpeted and panelled with book cases
  • Classes/wk: 2
  • From/To: 7-9 pm
  • Class length: 2 hrs / 5 hrs
  • Prices: £98 for 8 week course (meditation is free)
  • Class Passes:  N/A

Changing Room: No changing room, just a bathroom to change in.

Equipment: None, bring your own

Reception: This is not a yoga centre but there is a reception and sometimes someone there who can direct you to yoga. It is a very friendly place.

Typical visitor: Not your typical yoga-type, a mix of people who are interested in all-round yoga, not just the fitness element.

Other services: This is a centre for people who are interested in a wide range of spiritual practices and teaching so they have many different courses and classes. Keep an eye on their website for events.


Website: / /

Address: The Theosophical Society, 1st Floor, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA

Telephone: 020 7563 9815 (Eric McGough)