Debut Gallery – Notting Hill – Evening Yoga

Debut will be hosting weekly regular Yoga events from 6.30-8pm in the gallery every tuesday with Susan Yu.

Susan is an ex-gymnast who has practised Yoga and Pilates for 8 yrs and is now qualified and teaching a number of fitness class, all around London in the last 2 yrs. She is degree qualified and is currently studying an MSc Osteopathy, Level 3 in Mat Pilates and Childrens Yoga at BSY. Her experience also includes specially tailored programmes for individuals in need of rehabilitative exercises and Yoga retreats. She is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (number R0072086) REPs level 2 qualified.

T  020 7221 1651

Piano-Yoga® Retreats Return to Kings Place, London, on 12th February 2012

On the 12th February Piano-Yoga® – the miracle piano technique which allowed its creator, GéNIA, to return to the podium just 10 weeks after breaking her wrist – returns to the refreshing environs of the sparkling new world-class music venue, Kings Place, where Piano-Yoga® retreats were first launched earlier in 2011.  Russian virtuoso pianist GéNIA will be sharing the cutting-edge piano method that is Piano-Yoga® with pianists looking to transform their playing and gain a more in-depth insight into the Piano-Yoga® philosophy and lifestyle of well-being.

A retreat is the perfect opportunity for immersion in this fun and effective new holistic piano method, allowing participants to experience all that Piano-Yoga® has to offer, with a combination of pure yoga and relaxation classes, technical ‘Piano-Yoga®’ exercises, performance psychology and group piano masterclasses.  Unlike regular Piano-Yoga® lessons, a retreat provides the opportunity for participants to completely disconnect from the daily grind and get into an optimal frame of mind to focus entirely on their piano in a nurturing environment.  And given how solitary the life of a pianist can be, one of the main pleasures of a retreat is the opportunity to work as part of a group of like-minded people, make new friends and share ideas.


10.30 – 11.00 Introduction
11.00 – 11.40 Yoga warm-ups for piano practice
11.45 – 13.00 Finding your own musical interpretation
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break*
14.00 – 15.00 Mastering sight-reading skills
15.10 – 16.40 Masterclasses (optional)
16.50 – 17.30 Exercises for combating stage nerves

*At lunchtime participants can stop by the Green & Fortune Café at midday for a healthy bite to eat, or treat themselves to a more indulgent dining experience at Rotunda Restaurant overlooking the river.

Who can attend a Piano-Yoga® retreat?

Piano-Yoga® retreats are targeted primarily towards amateur learners, but they are open to pianists of all levels from the age of 14 upwards.  From conservatoire students looking to polish their technique and concert pianists concerned about an injury, to piano teachers looking to broaden their pedagogical horizons and amateur pianists simply wanting to get the most out of their piano, all are welcome to come and join us, leave their worries at the door, kick off their shoes and enjoy their favourite activity in a friendly and relaxed environment.  No prior experience of yoga necessary.

Our London retreats have been carefully programmed to complement each other, which means that for pianists who already attended one of our retreats in 2011 our Kings Place retreat offers an excellent ?follow-up?.

Booking Information

Piano-Yoga® is offering £15 off to Piano-Yoga® members and places are limited, so early booking is recommended.  Membership of Piano-Yoga® is FREE and registration is quick and easy  Members should then email to claim their discount code.

Date: 12th February 2012
Venue: Limehouse Room, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
Duration: 10.30 – 17.30
Fees: £90 | £75 Piano-Yoga® members
Bookings: Open 1st March @ Kings Place website
Enquiries: t: 020 7226 9829 | m: 07948 447492 | e:
Further Information:

Many thanks,
Richard McDonald

kings palce hall 1.jpg

Yoga Event: Sound Meditation and Gong Bath – Evolve, South Kensinton

Sound meditation with gong and tibetan singing bowls

sound meditation south kensington

Experience the universal sound of the gong and Tibetan singing bowls. Allow the sounds to take you into a state of peaceful meditation and let it touch you deeply at a cellular level. Let go of any expectations and experience total relaxation and connection with the Sounds of the Universe.

  • Strengthens self-confidence, creativity and motivation
  • Stress reduction through deep relaxation and endorphin release
  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Activates self-healing mechanisms within the body

The gentle and harmonious sounds of gong and Tibetan singing bowls are absorbed through the ear and quickly lead to deep, long lasting relaxation. The rhythmic sound vibrations are transmitted to the body. Sound massage creates an atmosphere of safety and security, in which it is possible to let go of stress, anxiety, worry. In this soothing atmosphere, we can again come in contact with our needs, our “inner wisdom”.

When: every 1st Friday of the month | 7 – 8 pm

Price: £15 | per person

Dominika has played Gongs and Tibetan singing bowls for many years, being inspired by Gong master Don Conreaux. It is her passion to promote harmony and unity using natural mandala.

Dariusz is a multi-instrumentalist. He studied at Peter Hass Institute of Sound Healing.

register: click here or please call evolve on 020 7581 4090

Yoga Centre: Glow Yoga – First infrared heated rooms, Covent Garden

Glow Yoga Covent Garden


Yoga Flow challenging and nurturing warm yoga in an infra red heated room in Covent Garden


Glow Yoga is a modern approach to a time-tested practice: uniting traditional yoga with current anatomical understanding and practiced in a state-of-the-art warm studio, the first in Europe to use infra red as heating source.

Glow Yoga is a flowing yoga that combines hatha yoga flow with the principles of Pilates and movements from complementary disciplines. Each class comprises an intelligent sequence of dynamic postures delivered with a care that will challenge, but also nurture.

The stylish secular space in Covent Garden is inspiring and welcomes all abilities. We offer Foundation classes, restorative classes, dynamic flow classes and Glow  Pilates.


Glow Yoga is a warm flow studio offering

  • Foundation classes for beginners
  • Flow classes for those who know the yoga poses
  • Fire classes for warriors
  • Bliss classes to restore and recharge
  • Core flow and Glow Pilates if your middle is a riddle

Where is it?

14 – 16 Betterton Street, Covent Garden, London


Events: Night Out – “New Years Meditation at the Mantra Lounge in Camden”

What: Mantra Lounge – Meditation with Jayadev

When: Friday 30th December

Time: 7- 9.30pm

Price: £5

We are thrilled to have special guest Jayadev joining us for our final Mantra Lounge session this year!

He will be guiding us in meditation, help us to reflect on the past year and get geared up for the year ahead. He will also be singing some soothing mantra’s, so please join us!

About Jayadev 

Jayadev has been entertaining and healing people from around the world for over three decades. He is a world renowned healer, musician, and accomplished spiritualist. Jayadev was born as John Richardson in Dagenham, Essex and still lives in the same County in England. He has become one of the world’s leading percussionists playing with musicians such as David Essex, Boy George, Carl Douglas and John Lodge. He was a member of the Rubettes between 1974 and 1979 selling over 20 million discs across the world. In 1980 he became an alternative therapist devoting his life to helping others through his music, hypnotherapy, past-life regression therapy and Reflexology.

Check out his website :

Mantra Choir:

To book your place or for further information email or contact Jai on 07903069604

Meeting rooms, 14 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9DP

Events: Classes – “Jennifer Gill, Love Yoga”

I am really happy to say that YOGA will be back on Saturday mornings from Sat 7th January!We will still be in the same location, upstairs in lovely Church House, and at the same time, 10am – 11.15am.

I would like to offer everyone a special offer to entice you to come back and to encourage you to stick with an 8 week programme throughout January and February to really step up your practice and feel your development.

Buy an 8 week block booking for £50

This is the lowest price i’ve ever done, so the only condition is that the weeks are used consecutively. Since theres not alot going on in Jan and Feb why not get right into some consistant yoga and see what benefts you could enjoy?

  • Reduced pain in the body
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Tone up
  • Gain strength
  • Better posture
  • Weightloss
  • You could even grow a bit taller! (I like to believe so…)
  • Less stressed
  • Help depression
  • Improve circulation

I could go on and on…

  • Improve function of your organs
  • Breathe easier
  • Improve fertility
  • Find some inner peace
  • Get to understand and respect your body
  • Sleep better

Is that enough to persuade you??

Book the 8 weeks and you will have a guaranteed mat at each class.

If you cannot commit to the 8 weeks you can still drop in for £8 per week, and you will be JUST AS WELCOME as those who booked the block!

The dates of the 8 weeks will be:

Jan 7, 14, 21, 28
Feb 4, 11, 18, 15

Contact me for more information to to book! I will contact you again nearer the time to remind you.

Lots of Christmas Love


Events: Course January 2012 – “Vedic Art”

The founder of Vedic Art is the Swedish artist Curt Källman. He received a traditional art education at the Academy of Art in Stockholm but soon started to work in his own way. He created a training in which he combined the traditional art school with the Indian Vedic philosophy. 

The ancient teachings of the Vedas point out, that all knowledge already exists within us, like a seed “knowing” how to become a flower. When nature is allowed to follow its own flow, everything is perfect and in balance. This counts for human beings as well if we let ourselves be guided back to the source within.

All knowledge we need, is already present and the so called 17 principles in Vedic Art are nothing new. They work through everything as a natural longing to create unity. They go beyond right and wrong, allowing life itself to take over…

To create is something natural and everyone is able to do it! Vedic Art is about direct experiences. The 17 principles are simply a tool to guide you within. While you are painting, feelings are awakened…You become more aware of yourself and at the same time you will experience the whole process of creation: Art and life merging into one…That is Vedic Art.

Time: January 2012

Length: One week.

Group Size: Around 15-20 people. 

Steps: The process involves 3 steps. Students can take one step in 2 days or go all 3 in one week.

Cost: 190 GBP per step

Yoga teacher: Meet Hatha yoga teacher, Caroline Knight

Hatha Yoga Teacher Caroline

What type of yoga do you offer?

Hatha yoga. I also incorporate pranayama, guided meditation and yoga nidra into the classes.

What makes your yoga different? 

While vinyasa and Astanga may be the practice of choice for many people, I believe in taking the yoga down a few notches in pace and really coming into the postures to get maximum benefit for the body, awareness and breath.

While my practice may not have the speed or sweat factor of a vinyasa, it will make you work hard and have you serene by the end of class.

Who is your yoga suited to?

I listen to any demands and needs of my students and adjust my sequence accordingly. I make sure that I offer many variations on the more advanced poses so all abilities and levels of health can participate.

I am extremely keen to encourage more men to discover the amazing power of yoga… for their bodies- inner and outer!





Yoga Centre Review: Debut Gallery, Westbourne Grove

Debut galler

Having an Art Gallery as a venue just adds a new dimension to Yoga

This is a beautiful little boutique gallery that is very open minded when it comes to the world of art.

The Yoga session there on Tuesday evenings is truly inspiring.  While placing your efforts into your down dogs and warriors one and two.  Being surrounded by the Yoga inspired art, amongst other calming pieces adds another dimension to the class.

In addition, the green tea mingler for yogis before and after the session is also a great way of meeting like minded people as well as getting a good chance to “try the art before you buy” so to speak.

Well, how do you know if a painting calms or de-stresses you if you do not try it out first.


A dynamic style of yoga inspired by Vinyasa and Pilates that promotes fitness and well-being in mind and body whilst building strength in both areas. The constant flow of movement combined with deep breathing and dynamic stretches is aimed to decrease stress and calm the mind. Help detox, tone and aid in weight loss. Increase strength and flexibility to help improve general stiffness, aches and pains as well as an aid in injury prevention. If you enjoy yoga, but would like to combine it with an all round body work out and a light cardio base, then this style of yoga would be the one for you.


82 Westbourne Grove


Yoga Centre Review: West London Buddhist Centre, Westbourne Grove

“It is a charity run centre that focuses on meditation and yoga.  The surroundings might not be as glossy as most Yoga centres but the atmosphere is of a calm relaxing state.  More of a comfortable cosy feeling.

The quality of the teaching is of a high level and there are many different types of Yoga to choose from.

Monday and Thursday mornings is a dynamic Yoga inspired by Vinyasa and Pilates. I do like this particular style, I find it a good all rounder when it comes to fitness, weight loss, detox and a destress.

It is made for all levels, you come out feeling relaxed and also feel that you have had a great work out. It is based around the Notting Hill area and I do strongly recommend a visit”.

What makes this yoga centre different?

It yoga centre houses one of the hardest working dynamic yoga classes

Where is it?

94 Westbourne Park Villas