Events: Course January 2012 – “Vedic Art”

The founder of Vedic Art is the Swedish artist Curt Källman. He received a traditional art education at the Academy of Art in Stockholm but soon started to work in his own way. He created a training in which he combined the traditional art school with the Indian Vedic philosophy. 

The ancient teachings of the Vedas point out, that all knowledge already exists within us, like a seed “knowing” how to become a flower. When nature is allowed to follow its own flow, everything is perfect and in balance. This counts for human beings as well if we let ourselves be guided back to the source within.

All knowledge we need, is already present and the so called 17 principles in Vedic Art are nothing new. They work through everything as a natural longing to create unity. They go beyond right and wrong, allowing life itself to take over…

To create is something natural and everyone is able to do it! Vedic Art is about direct experiences. The 17 principles are simply a tool to guide you within. While you are painting, feelings are awakened…You become more aware of yourself and at the same time you will experience the whole process of creation: Art and life merging into one…That is Vedic Art.

Time: January 2012

Length: One week.

Group Size: Around 15-20 people. 

Steps: The process involves 3 steps. Students can take one step in 2 days or go all 3 in one week.

Cost: 190 GBP per step


3 thoughts on “Events: Course January 2012 – “Vedic Art”

  1. Dear One
    Is this course led by the creator of Vedic Art?
    What are the dates and times of each day of the course and venue address?
    Will the materials be provided?
    Would you kindly let me know so that I can decide if I could join.
    Thank you,

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