Practice: Glow Yoga

Glow Yoga is practised at Good Vibes Centres in  Covent Garden.

It is practised in a warm room, heated to a comfortable temperature which allows your body to safely open and relax.

The Glow Yoga teaching is founded on strong anatomical principles, we are the first studio in Europe to use Infra red heat which reduces muscle stiffness and helps weight loss. The SAD studio ambient lighting gives you all the benefits of a sunny day.  The beautiful studio is an oasis in Covent Garden.

To Book please call 020 7 240 6111 or email

New to Yoga?  Start with a Foundation Open class, you will learn the basics , workshop featured poses and put it all together at the end in a flow

Glow Yoga Bliss a delicious restorative class that is supported by the floor with holds to open, release, recharge. This is suitable for everyone.

If you know the yoga poses, these classes will offer you a challenge:

  • Glow Yoga Flow: 60 minutes of fluid movement to wake you up and gently bring you to a place where you are ready for the day ahead.
  • Deep Flow: enjoy an indulgent 75/90 minutes where you work through a themed Flow sequence and enjoy the juicy holds in the floor section.
  • Flow to Go: a 45 minute class that will take you through a challenging flow to wring out the morning and then ground you to go back to the office with rosy cheeks.
  • Core Flow: available in 45/60 minute classes, if your middle is a riddle this class wil tone and one you
  • Glow Pilates: available in 45 minutes, floor work to lengthen, tone and strengthen on the mat

Special Offer: If you love it – and we know you will, we have a £20 for 10 consecutive days offer

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