Lifestyle: Break Up Rules

Not Yogi but very helpful nonetheless:


So having seen my friends and family go through break ups and having been through them myself I noticed that sometimes they can really make you act out of character and do things you wouldn’t ever do in normal circumstances. Taking all this into consideration what is it that we consider to be the break up rules?

Don’t remain just friends – ok there may be the rare occasion but it never happens straight away, do not try and be friends straight after you break up, it will only make it harder on both of you and make the getting over them period a lot longer than it needs to be, give yourself some space from each other and then eventually in time you may bump into one another be ok to be mates but generally it is best to leave things and just be civil when you see each other. Remember it’s healthy to move on.

Get rid of anything that reminds you of the other person or at least hide it away– put any remnants in a box at the back of your wardrobe or bury them under your bed, put them anywhere where you are likely to forget they are and not keep coming across them. Things like washing your sheets, clothes etc are a must do as we know people tend to try and keep scents around that remind them of the ex, this will all help the cleansing process and make moving on that much easier, it may be that time to treat yourself to something new just to spur you on.

Don’t ignore your negative emotions – make sure you have a good cry and let these negative feelings out it’s no good bottling them up and pretending everything is fine when it’s not. Just make sure you do not do this in front of the ex, this is what your friends are for!

Don’t stop taking care of yourself – go and get a manicure, treat yourself to a massage, low on cash have a bubble bash and do your nails. Whatever it is make sure you don’t mope around in the same joggers and t-shirt for a week this won’t do you any good at all. Get out with the girls and get dressed up you will feel so much better for it.

Keep your dignity – don’t go out where you know he will be and do not get plastered and bad mouth him to everyone you know, this will only damage any last thoughts he has of you. If you go out keep it to a few drinks and only have a good vent about him to your close friends, you might not be getting back together but that’s no reason to make yourself look silly.

Don’t look back – Try to keep thoughts like ‘this time last week we were out for dinner’ or ‘this time last month we were on holiday’ thoughts like will not help you move on and that is ultimately what you want to do. If thoughts like that pop into your head start planning for the future with your friends, book a spa day with your best mate, get concert tickets with your friends give yourself things to look forward to.

Keep remembering you will get over it!  – It’s all about positive thinking! You are fantastic and you will find someone else 10 times better than him! Keep that up and your positivity will transfer to others which will make people want to be around you.

What are your break up rules?


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