Events: Workshops – “Alchemy Centre in Camden”

Kauri Kriya a Naad Yoga – 6th November 


Expand your voice, awaken the inner divine.
Sunday 6th November / 14:00 – 17:00
£30 in advance; £35 on the day
With Satkirin Khalsa     



This powerful kriya can raise the consciousness from zero to infinity in pretty quick order. Known as the ‘Mahan Dhiaan’, or the supreme meditation, this kriya was given by Guru Arjan Dev ji in the late 1600s to train sacred musicians to bring forth a deeply transformative and healing sound current.
We will chant this together for a good long stretch – aim for 62 minutes in the group will bolster our ability. COVERING 3 OCTIVES  Rise up up up into the heights of your meditation.


– Improves voice

– Brings rhythm and harmony to your communication

– Promotes weight loss by balancing the glandular system

– Harmonises you attitude to face current life challenges 


When I asked Yogi Bhajan how to improve my voice and mastery of Raga, he said to do this Kriya.  Each participant may record the meditation to use at home. An ancient meditation done in concentric circles for mastery of your sound current.

Satkirin trained directly with Yogi Bhajan studying with him since June 1970. Residing in Los Angeles she received direct guidance on Mantra and Shabd.
One of the founders of Guru Ram Das Ashram Los Angeles Yogi Bhajan sent her to  New York City to develop the community and establish a Guru Ram Das Gurdwara.


For more information and how to book, click here.

An Evening with Alchemy – 6th November


 Join the Centre for a beautiful evening of song and chanting
Sunday 6th November / 19:30 – 21:00



An evening to invoke feelings of peace, love and togetherness. Unite to sing sacred sounds and share a joyful experience.


Chanting frees the attention from outward distractions to focus within. It is the easiest form of meditation. It goes straight to the heart, evoking the emotions of the higher self. Friends of Alchemy will share a selection of chants old and new, in Sanskrit and English, from spiritual tradition and from contemporary spirituality. Come with a willing voice and an open heart!


Last month we had a full circle with an inspiring mix of different chants and songs from Siri Sadhana, Harry Lincoln, Jai Kartar with Mollie, Dirish, myself, Amy Beveridge and Amy Lauren.


For more information and how to book, click here.

Taurus Full Moon Meditation and Gong Bath – 10th November


Taurus Full Moon Meditation & Gong Bath with Simon  
Thursday 10th November / 19:45 – 21:15
£13; no concessions 


Programme: 1. Brief reading on the Taurus Full Moon (effect of Moon phase) 2. Pranayama 3. Kundalini Yoga warm up kriya 4. Kundalini Yoga meditation (usually 22min) 5. 30min Gong Bath  



The Full Moon in Taurus happens on 10 November at 20:16 in London. Taurus in an earth sign and is associated with Venus. Taurus loves luxury. I call it the sign of cashmere. The sense that is the strongest with Taurus is the sense of touch. Soft fabrics are a must for the sensuous Taurus. They love a good meal, the best quality wine and long, gentle talks with loves ones.


You are lucky if you have a strong Taurus in your life. They will always be there for you. Since their sense of touch is favored, massage is a natural for the Taurus Full Moon. The opposing Sun is in passionate Scorpio, so these are the signs of the body senses. If one food can describe Taurus, it’s Chocolate. But only the best chocolate, please. This Full Moon chart has a Taurus ease to it.


The only planets involving the Full Moon are the necessary Sun and Moon. There isn’t a crowd or congestion around the Full Moon. Plus, notice the sweet Grand Trine between Pluto at the top, Jupiter and Mars. A big part of astrology is reading the geometry between the planets. The geometric pattern is very pleasing for this Taurus Full Moon. Easy and calm comes to mind. The ideal Taurus Full Moon meditation will be comforting and relaxing. 


For more information and how to book, click here.


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