Events: Days Out – “Alchemy Centre in Camden”

1. Liza Lilintahl and special musical guests present Heart Expansion Kirtan!  Recorded last night in South London (‘on the fly,’ they assure us) to give you a feel for the raw energy of what will be built upon tomorrow night!



Liza Lilintahl and guests in rehearsal
Liza Lilintahl and guests in rehearsal


2. Kwali Kumara returns for the LAST IN THE SERIES of her Chakra activation courses.  Kumara Serpent Healing is the pioneering work of Kwali Hari Bhajan Kaur. Based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and authenticated by Shiv Charan Singh.


Activate your Chakras with the Ancient Technology of Kundalini Yoga. Purify with a Transformative Kriya, Group Meditation and Unique Healing Exchange with Live Serpents on Saturday.


 YouTube clip (audio is in German only, apologies!)


3. Expand your voice and awaken the inner divine with Sakirin on Saturday!
This powerful kriya can raise the consciousness from zero to infinity in pretty quick order. Known as the ‘Mahan Dhiaan’, or the supreme meditation, this kriya was given by Guru Arjan Dev ji in the late 1600s to train sacred musicians to bring forth a deeply transformative and healing sound current.



– Improves voice

– Brings rhythm and harmony to your communication

– Promotes weight loss by balancing the glandular system

– Harmonises you attitude to face current life challenges

4. An evening with Alchemy on Sunday night.

A time of the month when all from Alchemy (the team, teachers and students) get together to have a bit of a chant and bring their own style to an evening full of music and chant. It is an evening to invoke feelings of peace, love and togetherness. Unite to sing sacred sounds and share a joyful experience.

More infomation about all of these events below and how to book!
We hope to see you soon at the Centre!


With love & blessings,
The Alchemy Team


Unit 101 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH



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