Events: Workshops in November at Indaba

November 4th-6th

Bonfire Night Weekend Workshops!             

with Ross Rayburn

Ross Rayburn is a certified Anusara teacher who has taught for more than a decade. He is highly sought-after internationally for his fun and inspiring teaching style.

Tap into the power of a strong foundation and learn to align with the vast

currents of “Grace” in your body, mind and heart.  Use the stability of a strong foundation to authenticate, enliven and expand your asanas. You’ll feel your practice take on a luminous, almost magical quality

Friday 4th November                               SIGN UP NOW 

12:00pm – 4.45pm Teachers/Advanced workshop £55

Join Ross  to serve, love and give more Shakti to every person and every moment you teach. For any teachers who have had exposure to Anusara yoga, and wish to teach at the highest of service, with the deepest of love. Learn how to make your classes more resonant, effective, powerful and transformative through Anusara Yoga’s most potent teaching techniques. This will include effective hands-on adjustments to transform your students’ practice and teaching more resonant public classes that speak authentically from your heart to those of your students. Bring questions and we’ll explore answers. advanced practice will take you deeper into asana, with harmony, resonance, and beauty. For those who have had some experience of Anusara or who have a strong practice and an open heart, willing to learn new techniques to delve deeper

Friday 4th November                              SIGN UP NOW

7:00pm – 9.30pm Open Level workshop £35

This lively class will include hip openers and forward bends for all levels. Throughout this steady practice we will be creating a sense of space, peace, and grounding for transitioning into the weekend. You will leave feeling simultaneously uplifted and grounded. Bring your friends- you will not want to miss this up-shift in evergy!

Saturday 5th November 5th                 SIGN UP NOW 

1.30pm – 5.30pm Intermediate/Advanced workshop £45

This full spectrum class is suitable for intermediate to advanced practitioners . Ross’s thoughtful and precise sequencing will take you into poses your body will relish. You will glide through your practice with a vibrant mind, a soft open heart, and a melodic quality that makes for ease and grace throughout. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

Sunday November 6th                            SIGN UP NOW 

12.45pm – 4.45 Open Level workshop £45

This meticulous class with emphasis on backbends and hand balances is open to all levels. The emphasis is on encouraging you to play your edge whether a beginner or more advanced. Through preparing our spines, arms and wrists with a delicious practice, we’ll crescendo into backbends and handbalances that light you up and let your heart sing.

£150 all 4 workshops

£85 both advanced/intermediate workshops

£85 both open workshops





November 13th, 1.45 – 4.45pm 


with Mark Freeth

A Hip-Openin’, Shoulder-Loosenin’, Leg-Splittin’, Back-Bendin’, Lotus-Groovin’ Freestyle Yoga Project Workshop

That’s right – in one, 3 hour long ‘shop, we’ll cover all of the above.

Because they’re all related!

We will work hard, but carefully to open those problematic areas (hips, shoulders, hamstrings) that cramp our splits/backbend/lotus style.

It’ll be progressive!

It’ll be logical!

This is ‘vinyasa krama’ at it’s best! No dogma! Leave all pre-conceived wisdom about yoga outside on the street!

This is dynamic, 21st century yoga!

Did we mention that it’ll also be fun….?

Mark teaches daily classes in the UK and workshops, retreats and teacher trainings internationally.



November 27th, 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Transformation Breathing Workshop

with Alan Dolan

Transformation Breathing is  a gentle, simple technique that helps people to open up the full potential of their breathing system for better physical and emotional wellbeing. It teaches a pattern of conscious breathing that is natural, safe and healthy which has been demonstrated to have many benefits almost universally, including increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with stress in a health way. It was developed by Dr Judith Kravitz and incorporates her knowledge of conscious breatahing techniques as well as various other healing and spiritual principles which are combined to make Transformation Breathing a highly efficient and effective method.


Feel completely energised.

Let go of emotional baggage

Release anxiety and alleviate depression

Move beyond whatever is standing between you and you’re happiness

Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth

Develop a new dimension to your yoga practise

Experience deeply nourishing relaxation

Understand the nature of spirit

Open your breath and expand your life.

Open to all levels



Indaba Basics Course
Every Tuesday, 6.30-8.00pm

15th November – 6th December

with Netta Imber


Designed for those brand new to yoga in mind. This 4 week course focuses on breath and body awareness. Each week new principles and posture of yoga will be integrated into a well-balanced class which will leave the student feeling both energised and at ease in body and mind.

The course is designed to give you a basic knowledge of postural names and alignment, breath control, and conscious movement. Asking questions is encouraged in this unique environment!

Following the course, the adventurous at heart will be ready to join a Level One or Two class; or those still intersted in the foundations of yoga will be ready to step into a beginner’s class to build strength and deepen their overall knowledge of the practise.

This course is open to six students only.

Booking is required.




One thought on “Events: Workshops in November at Indaba

  1. This course will transform your life! Along with Anamaya’s ultra sound (and ultra tasty) organic food, yoga and meditation makes you in best physical and mental level. In addition to this you will have the great chance to experience the best place of earth called Costa RicaWe are having best facilities on comparable price … find us to be very reasonable in Anamaya, one of the most beautiful stations in the world of yoga. Take advantage and reserve while prices remain below average for a training of 200 hours of yoga teacher.

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