Centre: “West London: “Shanti Yoga – Kensington”

A small yoga centre offering a wide variety of classes. Located just off High Street Kensington.



27a Warwick Gardens, W148PH


One thought on “Centre: “West London: “Shanti Yoga – Kensington”

  1. Thank you it makes sense that breathing is the place to start after all it’s the one thing nbodoy can live without!Most of the time my little girl is lovely and brings me nothing but joy so I don’t want to spoil things by blowing up when I’m frustrated.I also found a tai chi qigong dvd while clearing out the other day, so I’ll seize the opportunity to try it out I hear it’s also good for inner calm. It’s almost a form of focused meditation in itself, isn’t it? With your own body as the focus.I’ve been doing a buddhist breath meditation for two days and have already noticed a difference in my behaviour and mood. So to anyone reading this meditation really works! Even if you just close your eyes and follow your breathing for a few minutes!Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my post, Tai I think this is the first time ever anyone has put up a reply to one of my posts!Thanks again,Jax

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