Centre: “Indaba Yoga – Marylebone, Central London”

Indaba yoga marylebone

Yoga centre Indaba is a high quality yoga centre that is filling up with life. It has a strong and distinctive design – both reassuring and courageous. The teachers are well known across London for being experts in their disciplines.

  • The famous Stewart Gilchrist teaches Yogasana, a challenging class with lots of movement and fun in a heated room. He also teaches at the Light Centre, Belgravia.
  • Mark Khan teaches Dharma Mittra, a spiritual and all inclusive class which is not for those you don’t like inversions. I got cramps in my upper arms half way through the class but loved it anyway!
  • Lisa Sanfilipo is the most inspiring teacher of Anusara yoga currently in London, she also teaches at the Life Centre, Notting Hill

Many of the classes at Indaba are in the larger, heated room even if they are not publicised as a heated class. The heat is nothing compared to Bikram though and a bit of extra sweating is generally appreciated  by all students.

There is a great atmosphere at Indaba thanks to lovely people who work at reception, the experienced teachers, and students that follow.






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