Events: Workshop – “October 2011, Rock Your Heart, Yoga Dance and Meditation”

As we are moving into the new year – the new times for all of us, we will need an ultimate reboot of our systems and most importantly hearts!

This heart series are for colder autumn months when we need a bit more extra love and nourishment.

The emphasis will be on the 3rd (Sun energy), 4th (Love chakra) and 5th (Personal potential) chakras. Because 4th chakra sits between the 3rd and 5th and closely linked with their vibration, we will develop and balance this relationship.

Our goal is to do yoga, sing, dance and meditate to fully open our potential and empower ourselves for the next year of 2012, a year of big changes and transition. We need to be ready for the shift, shift towards living from the heart, not the mind.

If we don’t live from the heart from this moment onwards we will misunderstand the times and feel lost, angry and depressed.

Yogi Bhajan on Cold Depression:

Highlights of the program:

Boost immune system

Clear karma and heart’s wounds

Protect and strengthen aura

Meditate to attract more love

Shake out fears and worries

Heal your heart (we are all wounded in one way or another)

Plus heart-pounding and heart opening music and mantras that will take you along the path of love and self-appreciation, as well as others.

Price: £10

Length: 1,5 hour class


Date: Friday, 14 October 2011

Time: From 18:20 to 19:50

Limited to 8 participants only.




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