Yogi Lifestyle: Yogi You – “Jois Inspiration, An Article by Erin Lewis”


Article by Erin Lewis, our friend from Eat.Pray.Move


“Do your practice and all is coming” – Jois 


This is my favorite quote in yoga. Said by the late Guruji, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, one of the main people responsible for bring Ashtanga yoga method to the modern world – and especially to the west.  

Unfortunately the yoga community lost this wonderful teacher in 2009, but through his lifelong dedication to the practice, we’ve all gained much insight and clarity from his teachings. More than anything I’ve studied about Guruji, the thing that sticks with me as a daily reminder is his famous quote “Do your practice and all is coming”. It is a daily encouragement, a daily reminder, and a daily motivator.  

“What is coming?”, one may ask. This is the answer that is left up to you to find out. What do you want to come? 

The beauty of this statement lies in the simple truth behind it. Just looking at my practice over the years to those times when I felt like I’d hit a plateau, the times when I felt I was even back-tracking, couldn’t go further, wasn’t feeling the benefits (and sometimes only feeling the soreness) of the asanas – but getting on the mat anyway, doing the practice, doing my practice – this is when I see that “all is coming“. How much I’ve grown, how much I’ve learned, how much my body has changed. And this progress, sometimes however slow it may be, is what gets me on my mat each day, because I know there are many more things still “to come.”


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