Events: Workshop – “Discover Your 7 Talents with Olga Tarabashkina in Clapham”


Amazing workshop from Olga Tarabashkina ‘Discover Your 7 Talents’ in Clapham!


Beautiful sounds, music, meditation, asanas are like ‘keys’. If the right combination is struck, then the hypothalamus, thalamus, and pituitary in the brain are all stimulated in such a way to bring our minds into a transformative state to open the doors into our subconscious potential and talents. 

Each chakra (or energy centre) has got a talent to be discovered and activated for our life. We will open 7 chakras to enjoy our lives more and live fully. Talents will help you get the life you want to live because your energy centers will be spinning at the maximum speed. It is all about energy workout through power yoga, combining Hatha and Kundalini, breath work, meditation and restorative poses. 



The purpose of the workshop is to help you become aware of your own energy centers, and enrich your life with simple and powerful technologies you will take home. 

7 Talents to Discover: 
1st – Acceptance 
2nd- Creativity
3rd- Commitment and Will Power
4th- Love and Compassion
5th- Self-expression 
6th- Intuition 
7th- Freedom and Un-limitedness 


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One thought on “Events: Workshop – “Discover Your 7 Talents with Olga Tarabashkina in Clapham”

  1. If you are looking for a challenging pilates dvd, this is the one for you. I have to stop the dvd and take breaks while doing it. He explains every position VERY clearly for good form and also gives you modifications. He has a very calm voice. I am only giving it 4 stars because it is very basic when it comes to background and enthusiasm. It basically shows John and a younger girl performing the exercises. I prefer Ana Caban’s beach scenes, Hilary Burnett’s calming candle room or something more upbeat and enthusiastic like Mari Winsor’s Bun & Thigh sculpting. It’s a good workout though if you don’t need all the frills. You’ll feel it the next day!


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