Yogi Lifestyle: Yogi You – “Pamela Holtzman”


Yogi London is so excited to start featuring the words of our friend Pamela Holtzman. We have been so inspired, impressed and invigorated by her beautiful philosophies. She’s also published a great new book, ”Healthy Lifestyle: Path of Wellness”, check it out here

To find out more about Pamela, or to contact her, check out her website here. So you can get up to speed, here’s Pamela’s bio below.


Pamela Holtzman, R.N., LSCW, combines her medical background with a combination of cognitive therapy, traumatic release with EMDR (www.EMDR.com) and EFT, (www.Emofree.com) and integrative psychotherapy, to facilitate wholeness and wellness, in her clients. Her goal is to maximize the quality of a person’s being and functioning, with regard for each individual’s personal limits, history, and external constraints.

The basis of Pamela’s practice is gentle self-nurturing, loving-kindness, and discipline.

Pamela received her BSN at Rush University in Chicago, she was a hospice nurse for eight years.  Her Masters in Social Work from Loyola University in Chicago, lead to her private practice as a psychotherapist. Her postgraduate mind/body/spirit training includes studies with Rachel Naomi Remen, Michael Learner, Belleruth Naperstak, Jon Kabat Zinn, James Gordon, Martin Rossman and David Bressler.

She has recently released her new book Healthy Lifestyle Path of Wellness, a wholistic approach to live a long, healthy life. She teaches and trains Wellness Programs at a national level. Pamela is on staff at Cancer Wellness Center, Northbrook Illinois, (www.Cancerwellness.org) where she facilitates the five-week Healthy Lifestyle Program, and Tired of Not Sleeping? among other programs, on a regular basis.

Pamela currently maintains a private practice in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.


One thought on “Yogi Lifestyle: Yogi You – “Pamela Holtzman”

  1. I have been lucky enough to get Pamela’s BEAUTIFUL book, the photo’s are remarkable! Friends have commented on them as well as the content. She seems truly gifted an from the content knows her stuff! More please.

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