Yogi Lifestyle: Personal Experience – “Post Four, Wandergirl in Bangkok”


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 “By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it”
Nikos Kazantzakis


I’m in Bangkok and loving the Big City energy. As a whole hearted New Yorker I appreciate the hustle and flow of this place…A much needed change of paste. Today, I celebrated a 7 year mile marker of trading fear, hopelessness and doubt for love, compassion, accountability and trust. What an amazing journey a change of attitude can bring!

Last Year

I can’t help but look back at this rather tumultuous year. It was a bit of a obstacle course, decorated with accidents and unexpected events. I’d like to pretend I navigated through it gracefully but I was more like a rubber ball, I bounced back quickly – into the next wall. Thankfully I have a well developed sense of humor and good health insurance. Either way, I’m convinced this about to change. With New Year we are entering into the calm after the storm…Time to dust myself off and investigate what amazing opportunities are emerging.


According to my dictionary the word opportunity stands for ‘a favorable juncture of circumstances‘ – I love it. I’m going to focus more energy on favorable and stay open to circumstance- hence building a door for opportunity. We create our own reality, we get out what we put in and its our choice how we direct our efforts. Its never failed me. I find it quite exciting to watch it all unfold. By putting one foot on front of the other I keep moving in a new direction, giving circumstance a chance. For example, I just learned that due to a serious of unexpected circumstances I am now given the opportunity to do something I, a year ago, barely dared to dream. We need to have the audacity to believe and the humility to understand we cannot do it alone. The world can only deliver what we can see for ourselves. And this only works if we don’t sell ourselves short in the process. Never settle, aim high. For that we need to avoid feeding into fear and doubt. Helps the navigation system if fear isn’t trying to control the steering.


Invest in love and believe instead. I prefer to dare, immersing myself into my passion. If I’ve learned anything on my recent ventures, it’s not giving unnecessary fear and doubt room in my luggage. They are nothing but access baggage. If we log them around we block our potential and might let good get in the way of great.


It is rude to doubt possibility. We don’t know what going to happen tomorrow, why can it not be great? Believe in place of doubt gives me clarity.  When I hit a wall – I can see how to walk around it, when I end up in a dead end road? I turn around. There are no mistakes, only detours.  I let love, kindness and passion steer my actions…that’s what dreams are made of.
The world opens for those who know where the are going. Do you?
Lots of love,
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