Yogi Lifestyle: Eating Well – “Battle of the Beets, by Kate Connell”


Yummy food by our friend Kate Connell!



I knew that I wanted to serve my beets on a bed of mixed greens so I figured the best way to battle the beets was by roasting them.

My first though was roasting beets is so easy! Four easy, foolproof (I promise) steps:

            1. Wash outside of beets + cut off long greens

            2. Place on cookie sheet with some sea salt + extra virgin olive oil

            3. Roast until you can stick a fork through the skins

            4. Peel skins off + eat – preferably with goat cheese

Picture 622 

Picture 624

After I let mine cool I chopped them up and tossed them on a salad with some goat cheese.

Picture 627

Picture 625

Easy, earthy, photogenic beets.

Picture 626     

Picture 632

The greatest beauty of the beets? Matt said they were delicious!

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