Teacher Review: Ashtanga – “Erin Lewis, EAT.PRAY.MOVE”

Erin Lewis

Certified yoga instructor, Erin Lewis, has studied various types of yoga disciplines for over 11 years, concentrating on the Ashtanga discipline since 2008. She received her teacher certification in Florence, Italy under an international branch of the California-based “It’s Yoga” ashtanga system and “Rocket” sequence.

It’s Yoga

Founded by Larry Schultz, a student of Pattabhi Jois, “It’s Yoga” incorporates the ashtanga series from primary through third series in the “Rocket Sequences”. Rocket I is a dynamic series of postures (asana) combined with strong breathing (pranayama) that exposes the student to a powerful flow through all levels of ashtanga. Perfect for building extraordinary strength, the Rocket focuses on core work, balances, inversions….and “flying and floating”.


Founding EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Retreats out of her love of yoga, Italy, and travel, Erin found a way to share this with others. During the retreats, she facilitates daily yoga classes, helping each student focus on improving their practice and gaining new insights into their bodies and movements. Learning under numerous teachers, and currently instructing at a studio in Florida, she’s been blessed throughout her yoga practice to be surrounded by beautiful teachers who grow with their students, adjust lovingly, and practice what they teach…and strives to be such a facilitator of yoga herself.


An Italophile and avid traveler, Erin has previously lived in Italy and now travels there from the US as often as she can. Falling in love with the areas surrounding the Mediterranean, this small part of the world became the home of the EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Retreats. Not only does Erin share her love of yoga – but also her love of the Mediterranean region along with its cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.



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