Yogi Lifestyle: Personal Experience – “Greeting the Spring and Celebrating the Sun, by Anja Brierley Lange”


Please welcome our YOGI FRIEND and teacher Anja Brierley Lange

In her first post, she gives us a little spring time insight into the sun salutation series.


I am so excited to finally see the sun and feel a bit of warmth on my skin. It just makes such a difference! People seem more open and friendly, the birds are singing with a little more zest, the trees have buds and the flowers are starting to open. Beautiful!

The Sun gives life and has been worshipped as a God for as long as we have been on Earth. The Solar aspect symbolises life, warmth, activity, being outgoing and active. Both in the universe, or the macro cosmos, as well as within our being, micro cosmos.

You can celebrate the Sun and the solar aspect of Life with a greeting to the Sun. The sun salutation, Surya Namaskaram, is practised in most hatha yoga classes and is a sacred honouring of Life. It is a great morning practise and what better time to practise than at the Spring Equinox!

To inspire you through a few rounds of Sun Salutations listen to this FREE podcast and enjoy the flow. Please follow this link (there is also a sun salutation for the pregnant yoginis).

If you would like to be taken through a class of flowing vinyasa, do some pregnancy yoga or if you are a new mum who would like to practice yoga with your baby please take a look at my website: www.yogaembodied.com  


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