Events: Course – “10 Week Hatha Yoga, Open Classes”

week 1 – our range of movement and connections
week 2 – moving with ease and breath 
week 3 – our centre, the spine
week 4 – from the ground up, through our feet
week 5 – finding space in the hips
week 6 – finding space in the shoulders
week 7 – opening the heart centre, back bends
week 8-10 – a wholesome practice, finding stillness

All classes start with a gentle warm-up and bringing awareness to the breath. Then a range or sequence of postures will be explored in a fun and inquisitive way. This can involve a tour through the anatomy of the body, some partner work, learning how to get in and out of postures and also how to hold them, as well as some dynamic flow of movement. At the end of every session, different relaxation techniques will be introduced.

Beginners are welcome.


drop-in: £11
pre-booked by month: £9/class
taster class: £5

or from March 7, book a block of 10 classes for £80


Katrin Heuser


Starts March 7th




f h space
9 Havelock Walk
Forest Hill
London SE23 3HG

To book click here


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