Events: Workshops – “Yoga for a Spring Awakening in Bayswater”

olga yogadom

On Wednesdays 23rd and 30th of March Olga Tarabashkina at YogaDom begins her Workshop Spring Series: a great combination of Kundalini and Sivananda Yoga to energize you and make your life happier! At her workshops, Olga also gives plenty of super-efficient ‘take home’ tips on how to improve your personal yoga practice!

‘Discover 7 Talents’ Workshop with Olga

Spring time is the time to awaken dormant energies. Whether you think you are more than creative and intuitive, whether you feel you are strong and determined, or if you feel you want to discover the potential you have got, this workshop is for everyone.

How do we tap into our talents?

Beautiful mantras, meditation, asanas are like ‘keys’. If the right combination is struck, then the hypothalamus, thalamus, and pituitary in the brain are all stimulated in such a way to bring our minds into a transformative state to open the doors into our subconscious potential and talents.

Each chakra (or energy centre) has got a talent to be discovered and activated for our life. We will open 7 chakras to enjoy our lives more and live fully. Talents will help you get the life you want to live because your energy centers will be spinning at the maximum speed. It is all about energy workout through power yoga, combining Hatha and Kundalini, breath work, meditation and restorative poses.

The purpose of the workshop is to help you become aware of your own energy centers and hidden opportunities, and enrich your life with simple and powerful technologies you will take home.

7 Talents to Discover:

  • 1st – Acceptance
  • 2nd- Creativity
  • 3rd- Commitment and Will Power
  • 4th- Love and Compassion
  • 5th- Self-expression
  • 6th- Intuition
  • 7th- Freedom and Un-limitedness



Wednesday 23 March, 7-8 pm

Wednesday 30 March 7-8 pm


YogaDom,  72 Queensborough Terrace, W2 3Sh

How much?

£10, or with a class Pass


6 thoughts on “Events: Workshops – “Yoga for a Spring Awakening in Bayswater”

  1. Thank you so much, my dear angels for your feedback! It warms my heart. I am happy the yogic magic resonates with you. love all ways,

  2. thanks to everyone for leaving such heart warming comments about Olga.
    lots of love, Yogi London. x

  3. I’m looking for each class with Olga impatiently, because I know that it will bring me happiness and the feeling that everything is right. I feel full of energy and want to embrace with love the whole world and to share this immense happiness with all people around. After classes I’m beaming like a sun and when finally at home I can’t help singing! Thank you a lot!

  4. Olga is an amazing yoga teacher. So far I have experienced her heavenly class only as a photographer but I can not wait for my own direct Yoha (Yoga of Happiness) experience.
    Plus she has a fab (sister) sense of humour.

  5. I miss classes with Olga. It’s been not just a physical restoration, but a soul care. I felt safe and absolutely open with her. After every class I felt an immense relief and distressed. I was pure and happy like an angel.

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