Special Offer: Food – “Penny Sale at Holland & Barrett”

Holland & Barrett have a fantastic sale on with buy one, get one for a penny on over 300 products.

YOGI LONDON is a massive fan of Holland & Barrett. We often head out in search of something sweet and rewarding at 3pm and Holland & Barrett always stock nutritious – rather than superficial – yummies to see us through the afternoon.

We like to go for the food doctor fruit bars in particular but we are also partial to the vegetarian scotch eggs!

Currently, they are hosting the most wonderful sale on selected items – buy one, get another for a penny on a wide range of products.

We at YOGI TOWERS have already purchased an assortment of dried fruits and made a delicious cinnamon and honey flapjack, with no nasty sugar included.

Other products featured included:



Omega 3 Fish Oil

Grapeseed Extract (Protective Antioxidant)

– Coenzyme Q-10 (helps heart health and supports energy)

Sea Kelp (for healthy thyroid, digestion and balanced skin)


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