Yogi Lifestyle: Personal Experience – “Wanderingplanet, Post Two, Wandering and Change”

Next installment from our friend and yoga lover, Silvia Christmann. Find out more about Silvia here and read her last blog post too! 
In this next post she discusses the notion of wandering and also talks about change.


I’ve always wanted to inspire change and make a difference. And any change I’d like to inspire always has to start with me. I find myself enchanted by everything I have not seen or tried. I like venturing out into uncharted seas, seeking new frontiers, and have fallen in love with the unexpected adventures that life has to offer and their infinite possibilities. I believe anything is possible if we can learn how to let go of our expectations, trust the process, and learn how to navigate the emotional landscape change inevitably brings. Ultimately, the only constant in life is change. 
I am a fan of the road less travelled, and have run into a multitude of problems along the way. I learned it the hard way, but my existential cliff diving has taught me a few things along the way. I try not to get attached to my expectations or a specific desire. It is important to have a goal, a direction in which I set out. Goals are transient and are subject to change and my expectations would cause me unnecessary fears and anxieties. Attachments will turn an adventure into desperate desire for a controlled outcome. Plans have a way of falling apart and when everything falls apart around me …I DIVE in head first! I know, the current will take me were I need to go and I will find what I would have never thought to look for. 
Today, I enjoy the process of change it inspires me and keeps my life fresh and adventurous. Routine makes me feel stagnant. I’m fond of laying out new general road map. Preparations can only take place up to a certain point, then I have to jump and let go. I try to stay emotionally one step removed from the process so I don’t get swallowed by the wave of emotions and uncertainties that could unravel when I find myself in unfamiliar territory. The most important ingredient is staying committed to a practice allowing me to keep my balance.  A mind, body and spirit connection that helps me navigate my emotional landscape.  It takes a lot of discipline to place this practice first for all else to follow. 
My curiosity and sense for existential adventure will always make me paddle away from the shores of safety. When I am out there, I cannot avoid the waves, so I try to learn how to surf.

What is Change?

The only constant in life is change. We can neither avoid nor control it.  During times of change, whether we choose them or they just happen, we discover new dimensions within ourselves and the world around us. Change will make us feel uncertain, lost, doubtful, and insecure at times. Navigating the emotional landscape of change is about letting go of expectations and the desperate desire to control a certain outcome. There are infinite possibilities we cannot see by walking through with one fixed focal point. If we focus on one specific goal or outcome, we get attached to a certain set of expectations that will cause us a great deal of anxiety and we are most likely going to be disappointed. More importantly we will miss out on unexpected, yet valuable, opportunities appearing along the way. Navigating the element of change requires us to be flexible, open minded and emotionally balanced. Not an easy task.
Everyone experiences fears and anxieties in the midst of change. It’s natural to come in contact with a multitude of fears when we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. What we do with them makes all the difference in the world. If we let our feelings of uncertainty and doubt get in the way they will inhibit progress and cause paralysis when action is required. They are the reason why we don’t reach for the stars. Fear and anxieties are products of our attachments to desires, people, places and situations. They can make us doubt the very essence of our being. Instead we should accept them as part of the process , embrace them with an open heart, investigate where they come from and what expectations we get attached to. Life would be boring without change and change would be uneventful without fear. They are infinite opportunities if we let go of expectations and take the next right action into a new direction. When we approach change we are risking things we know for things we don’t know. We are walking away from things that are familiar and enter unfamiliar territory, we give up what is comfortable for what is going to be uncomfortable venturing out to some unknown destination. 
I want to encourage embracing change, accepting the challenge in spite of fear. Leave the past and allow the future to unfold as we make our journey through life. There is a secret thrill in finding the joy in the unknown adventure of uncharted seas. The sooner we let go the sooner we will enjoy the ride. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future.

Do you have your own inspiring experience to share?

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