Yogi Lifestyle: Personal Experience – “Wanderingplanet, Post One”


We’re excited to start featuring the writing of our friend and experienced yogini, Silivia Christmann. We have been so inspired by Silvia’s journey, her experiences and her writing.

Here’s the first of our posts, which introduces Silvia and gives you a little bit of information about her:


Where you are from and how you grew up does not have to define you and where you choose to go. Life can be anything you want it to be.  I was born and raised in a small town in northern Germany. Travel and exploring a world outside our own were very important to my family growing up. We travelled with the sole purpose of learning about different countries, cultures, languages, and histories. This influenced my belief that we are products of the environments we grew up around and are exposed to, they affects our outlook on life. Even though this give us an initial footprint, they do not need to define us or restrict who we can become. Every time there is a shift in our life, we can gain a new perspective. We choose to use it as an opportunity to grow or stay where we are. This encouraged me to followed my own wanderlust, I ventured out into the world to see what I could find, looking for a life different from the one I knew.
It all started with a taste for adventure and developed into a lifestyle of existential cliff diving. My curiosity led me across many continents, countries and places, introducing me to the most fascinating people and  a lot of different lifestyles. I traveled across Europe, hitch hiked my way through South America, and then immigrated to the US in 2001. Every place I lived in or visited brought its own set of challenges, giving me the possibility to explore new dimensions of myself.
Moving to the US put my geographic journey on hold. I attended college in Columbia, South Carolina and moved to Savannah, Georgia after I graduated, where I lived for the next three years enjoying it’s bizarre magic. My five years living in the American South were an unexpected detour in my life, but also most profound. The challenges and personal limitations I had to confront during this time period pushed me to find whole new outlook on life far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. They put me on a path for a more spiritual journey. I learn to speak the language of the heart and came to believe in a spirituality of imperfection. 
Next stop was New York City- an instant love affair :-). The city of inspiration and constant change, offering everything I look for in the world on one place. New York pushed me further into a my journey of self exploration and made me embrace my profound enchantment with change and with it my need to explore a road less traveled. The routine of my career made me feel stagnant which led me to pursue a more inspired venture of my own. Wanderingplanet was born.
Wanderingplanet started as an idea for inspired travel. Since travel and sustainability have always been an important part of my life, a project supporting sustainable tourism seemed like the logical choice. However, if I wanted to create mind, body and spirit wellness retreats to help others find balance and see a world outside their own, I needed to practice what I preach. (Self) sustainability had to come first.
 I realized my need to invest in my own search for balance to stay grounded as I navigate the emotional landscape of developing this new chapter in my life.  As much as I am a fan of starting over, I did not always navigate the emotional landscape well and often did not enjoy the process. I have gotten caught up in fear and sometimes even settled half way through or made it to the finish line disheveled and tired. I’ve learned a lot about navigating change over the years. It’s always easy to see where I went wrong in retrospective and really hard to stick to these principles in the midst of chaos change will bring. 
This time, I decided to do place my commitment and focus on my quest for balance and spiritual growth above all else and let the rest of the project unfold instead of running around to “make things happen”. And with this commitment my world started shifting. Wanderingplanet has now become a journey of it’s own. The first step I took was to deepen my yoga practice. Yoga functions as my a sacred gateway to balance, it keeps me centered and my senses receptive to opportunities. Therefore, I remain calm as I put one foot in front of the other and am able to let go of expectations. It allows me to tap into my intuition, stay focused and not get attached to results or desires. Instead I get to explore the infinite possibilities unfolding on this journey. 
This blog [http://wandering-planet.blogspot.com] is my story Exploring the Element of Change. I quit my career, gave up my apartment and have gone to wander the planet (for now)!
Curious to see where this what happens? I know I am!
Come along,
If you can’t wait for the next installment, read more about Wandergirl on her blog: http://wandering-planet.blogspot.com


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