Events: Day Out – “The Hive Pop-up”

The Hive pop-up


Support the Bees with an interactive pop-up store in Leather Lane


The Robin Collective will be transforming a derelict shop on Leather Lane into a sunny garden, with flowering plants, artificial sunshine and even a giant walk-in bee hive, complete with its own resident swarm of real honey bees.
The Hive will provide all your bee-based needs as well as hosting honey tasting, talks, craft sessions with Etsy, and the usual Robin Collective experimental food and drinks including Royal Jelly Jellies, Bee Venom Cocktails and the honey based beer, Wells Waggle Dance.
Refocusing attention away from the depressing statistics (bees are sadly dying out at a terrible rate), The Hive will celebrate the intelligence, beauty and longstanding bond this humble insect shares with man  as well as its key role within our ecosystem.

It has been estimated (and recognised by the UN) that managed bees contribute an estimated £153 bn to world food production. We have come to believe that our wealth and prosperity can increase independent of the natural world. Bees show that we are more, not less dependent on the services of nature in a growing world population. A recent report from the United Nations Environment Programme states that:

“…of some 100 crop species which provide 90% of food worldwide, 71 of these are bee-pollinated.”

In March there was the BBC Appeal for Bees on Radio 4 and the Jivamukti yoga studio in London ran a satsang (meet up) around the theme of Bee the Change“.

Now The Robin Collective are running a pop-up event near Chancery Lane / Farringdon about bees. It will give visitors ae a chance to interactive with the bees themselves and all of their products. Get involved and support this bee initiative and the declining bee population.


56-58 Leather Lane Market, London, EC1N 7TJ


From 20th March 2011

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