Events: Workshops – “Various with Stewart Gilchrist”


Great news! One of London’s finest yoga teachers, Stewart Gilchrist is starting some new Saturday workshops and he has an Easter Retreat in England coming up…

Chakrise the Asana

saturday 2nd april | 2-5pm

In this workshop, you will learn how the seven major chakras are incorporated in a yogasana practice.

Following a severe back injury in his mid-twenties, Stewart Gilchrist experienced an amazing recovery through intensive Astanga Vinyasa Mysore yoga practice as taught by Sri K Patthabi Jois and Hamish Hendry in London, followed then by an extensive yoga education with teachers from around the world who have had a profound effect on his unique style of teaching.

Register: Please call evolve at 020 7581 4090 to reserve a space.

Price: £40

Alchemy Centre

In March April and May, Stewart will be running 3 hour workshops on Saturdays at 2pm at Alchemy centre, Camden

“the regulation of breath brings all happiness, material and spiritual, from the acquisitions of kingdoms to Supreme Bliss, therefore, O Rama! Study the science of breath.”
Vasishta Yoga Rishi

An introduction to breathwork and how to incorporate it into your asana practice and daily life.

Find out more from the Alchemy Yoga Centre

Easter Retreat

Also, he will be at the April easter retreat in the lovely west country! See for details/booking.  It’s a small group, lovely place, great food!

Yeogamukti Easter Long Weekend Retreat
April 22nd – 25th


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