Yogi Lifestyle: Eating Well – “Lucious Organic, High Street Kensington in West London”

Luscious Organic is a whole foods cafe, delhi and supermarket situated in a convenient spot on High Street Kensington, opposite the Odeon Cinema.

The owners beleive that healthy lifestyles depend on good quality intake to our bodies. They operate a very friendly environment and promote anything and everything health orientated. Here’s info about upcoming workshops which they are hosting .

Their organic deli and café supply fresh, wholesome & delicious organic food. Customers can take lunch or pick up a fresh organic drink on the go. There is a great variety of different brands and foods stuffs on offer; customers can run in for a tea and a piece of cake, or they can do their weekly shop there – you can buy everything from fresh fruit to household cleaning products!

Address: 242 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 5ED

Telephone: 020 7371 6987

Website: http://www.lusciousorganic.co.uk/about.htm

Micheal Winner’s positive assessment on the place: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/food_and_drink/eating_out/winners_dinners/article1625873.ece

Ever wishing to go with the flow I lunched a few days ago at Luscious Organic on Kensington High Street. This was acquired by a Yugoslavian lady, Dragana, who I understand will be appearing as the wicked witch in Humpty Dumpty on ice at some bizarre theatre in the north.

She took over Luscious Organic in 2003 when the previous company went bankrupt. Among her partners are Boy George and a man called Simon Brown, whose book Feng Shui for Wimps was on display above my table.

Dragana certainly made a go of it. The premises used to be empty. Now they’re buzzing. Elle Macpherson shops there. I know that because I was sent Elle’s bill in error. It dwarfed my humble purchases.

That happened once before when Coutts sent me the bank statements of the Monaco consul-general. I never found out who got mine, nor did I care.

Luscious Organic has five tables inside and another six outside (weather permitting). The shelves are full of packets of stuff so healthy I didn’t dare read the labels. They even have organic wine.

Geraldine appeared holding a packet of watercress, then put it back. If she was trying to tell me something, I missed the point.

Greg, the manager, produced the menu. I chose Caribbean vegetable soup followed by Moroccan chickpea and spinach stew, rice and salad. My soup and main course arrived at the same time, but there was no sign of Geraldine’s Provençal lasagne.

The soup was absolutely superb. Very tasty. It said, “I’m not only healthy but nice as well.” The Moroccan chickpea and spinach stew surprised me by also being excellent.

I went to Luscious Organic shortly after eating roast beef and Yorkshire pudding at home expecting just to taste everything for you. But it was so good, I stuffed myself.

Geraldine’s lasagne eventually arrived. It seemed moist and pleasant to me. Greg also offered fresh vegetable smoothies. But I stuck for a large glass of very fresh orange juice.

My table at Luscious Organic overlooked the 1930s Odeon cinema, about to be redeveloped. Thanks to a group of objectors, with me particularly vociferous, the frontage is to be retained. Behind it will be flats and some cinemas.

For dessert Greg plied me with cakes. Orange and almond cake, moist and excellent; then carrot cake with lots of nuts, and an orange and banana cake with icing. That last one was a bit heavy. They have organic coffee and espresso.

Downstairs there’s a clinic open seven days a week offering services which include face reading. As a finale Geraldine took a bottle of pinot grigio “made with organically grown grapes from the living soil”. It was all so healthy I began to feel a bit queasy.


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