Yogi Lifestyle: Reading Well – “Yoga for Dummies”

A fantastic yoga reference book and guide for beginners

yoga for dummiesDespite the garish yellow cover, the Yoga For Dummies book is written with warmth and understanding of the yoga practice. A lot of people only have a narrow view of yoga having practiced only under a few teachers, but this book gives you a birds-eye view of the philosophy and practice of yoga, opening up options to develop your practice and discover more.

It is a practical book in all senses – it explains the benefits of yoga in modern terms and also offers exercises for different needs and people. So if you have never done yoga before you can begin to explore the different approaches and methods. Handy pop-out boxes explain some of the ideas in more detail around the meanings of the teaching. It is full of answers to the questions that you never get around to asking at the end of yoga classes!

Authors Dr. Georg Feuerstein and Larry Payne have an immense amount of experience behing them. Dr Feuerstein has written 30 books on Yoga, Hinduism and Tantra. He is keen for the 30 million Western practitioners of Yoga to be educated in the traditions so that they can go out and find the right yoga for them. Payne is an internationally prominent teacher, author and workshop leader on Yoga and back care who has helped thousands of chronic back sufferers and high stress professionals.

Buy it on Amazon for £8.32


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