Events: Workshop – “Mary Jarvis at Bikram, Richmond in West London”

Learn with the Head Coach in the International Yoga Championships Team

This is your chance to learn yoga with one of the best coaches out there – I mean, she trains the UK International Yoga Championships team!! So if you think that you might have what it takes to become one of the best, or if you acknowledge that you are in need of some serious help, or if  you’re curious to see what this special lady can do – get your ticket now!

Mary Jarvis

Mary Jarvis

Mary has been a teacher of Bikram for 27 years. She is an excellent illustrator of technique and a boundless source of yoga inspiration. As a survivor of a near fatal auto accident, she is living proof of the power of Bikram yoga.

She is twice named ‘who’s who in Bikram yoga’ by Yoga Journal Magazine as one of the TOP THREE Bikram yoga teachers IN THE WORLD!

She is also head of the Coaches Committee of the USA Yoga Federation whose goal is to introduce yoga to the Olympics and the youth of the world.

People travel from all over the world to train with her at her centre in San Francisco. She has trained 7 world yoga champions and hundreds of regional champions. Get in there and get training with the best!

At this time all places for the seminar have already been reserved but we have started a waiting list in case payments for reservations are not made. If you are interested, speak to us in person on reception.


Bikram Yoga in Richmond

7–9 Church Court,

0208 948 6448


Sunday 27th March

10am – 4pm

How much?



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