Events: Classes – “Yoga and Pilates, West Kensington in West London”


“Milly is such a great little teacher.” Geri Halliwell

New courses starting in West Kensington, taught by Camilla Pettman. Milly trained as a professional dancer but as the result of injury has come to teach yoga and Pilates. She initially trained in Sivananda yoga, however she also draws from other methods such as Ashtanga and Iyengar. She is a Birthlight trained perinatal yoga teacher and a Body Control Pilates trained Pilates instructor. Milly has been private yoga teacher to Geri Halliwell, other well known yogis, and has worked alongside many leading teachers such as Katy Appleton of Apple Yoga.


10 Week Yoga Course: Mon 7.15-8.30pm, 14 Mar 2011

This course covers the twelve classic Sivananda postures (asanas), Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), yoga breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation and other basic postures. It also incorporates ‘hatha fusion yoga’, combining other methods of yoga and begins to introduce ‘yoga flow’, with the intention of flowing from one posture into the next, creating a seamless practise and gradually building up strength and
10 week course: £110


10 Week Pilates Course: Tues 7.30-8.30pm, 15 Mar 2011

Pilates is a method of body-conditioning and training developed by the late Joseph Pilates. It is an exercise method which relies on strengthening core postural muscles and developing body alignment. This course is a matwork based class.
10 week course: £110


10 Week Yoga/Pilates Course: Weds 7.30-8.30pm, 16 Mar 2011

This course incorporates both disciplines of yoga and Pilates, combining core strengthening Pilates exercises with yoga stretches for a unique workout.
10 week course: £110


  • Men and women of all ages are welcome.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or towel.
  • Yoga mats available for sale.
  • Small group/private tuition available on request.



Where: St. Andrews Church Hall, St. Andrews Road, West Kensington, W14

Tube: 5 minute walk from West Kensington or Barons Court tube stations.

There are a limited number of spaces on each of the courses, therefore it is necessary to book in advance.


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