Events: Seminar – “Meditation talks at the London Meditation Centre, Notting Hill in West London”

Why learn to meditate? 
Everyone has a different reason – less anxiety, greater creativity, improved health and more rewarding relationships are some good motivations.  Most of all, people learn because they sense that something needs to change in their lives, and they know change begins with more clarity and a shift in awareness.
London Meditation Centre
Vedic Meditation is a simple and pleasurable process to initiate transformation in your mind, your body and the way you connect and interact with the people around you. 
The London Meditation are holding a series of introductory talks throughout March that are open to the public. Go along to find out more:
  • Tuesday March 8th, 7:00pm
  • Tuesday March 15th, 7:00pm
  • Tuesday March 29th, 7:00pm
These one-hour talks are without charge and are often fully booked.  To reserve a place, send an email and they will send you complete address details with your confirmation.
Vedic Meditation Courses at the London Meditation Centre
Step 1. Attend an Introductory Talk
The first step in learning to meditate is to come along to the free Introductory Talk where you learn how the technique works, the benefits experienced and how it is taught. The talk lasts about an hour.
Click here to register: Intro Talk sign-up
Step 2. Join a Meditation Course
After attending the Introductory Talk, you are invited to learn to meditate. The course is structured as four sessions over four consecutive days, Friday through Monday.  Each session lasts about two hours and is planned to fit around work schedules.
Why Vedic Meditation?
Practising Vedic Meditation brings a wide range of practical benefits including improved health, reduced anxiety, a clearer & more creative mind, better sleep and more rewarding relationships.
Vedic Meditation allows the activity of thinking to become increasingly quiet. This process continues until the mind transcends thought and experiences its most settled state while alertness is fully maintained. As a result the body gains a state of very deep rest.


Location in Notting Hill – details to follow on place confirmation


To reserve a free place, email Jillian and Michael at
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