Yogi Lifestyle: Exercises – “Free Yoga Videos, ‘Energy Boosting Backbends’ and More!”

Backbend exercises

New videos on Yoga Today

On deck this week for subscribers is an all-new class covering the basics with Adi – entitled “The Ground Up.” If you’re new to the practice of yoga, this is an excellent place to start. This class will reacquaint you with the relationship of your body in space and make sure you’re set up with a solid foundation.

Free members: in this week’s free class check out some Energy Boosting Backbends with Neesha! This all-levels heart-opening class will show you how to observe and plug into the electrical currents of your body to energize and revitalize!

Wednesday’s Studio Session brings the conclusion of Neesha’s expanded look at the Bird of Paradise pose. Continue to open your shoulders and hips while working your hamstrings at a much more intensive level and pinnacle with this challenging deep one-legged balancing pose.  

Sarah offers no less than 16 Poses to change your life in Friday’s Studio Session.  Incorporating these challenging poses into your regular practice will help move you through your full range of motion. Postures that cleansing your organs and glands will uplift your overall mood!

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