Yogi Lifestyle: Drinking Well – “Bellocq Tea in Chelsea, West London”


Delicious tea suggested by a very happy Bellocq customer and great YOGI LONDON friend, Eddy C-S. Thanks very much Eddy!

Bellocq offer a unique and evocative line of hand-crafted blends and a curated selection of the fresh, full leaf, and organic teas.  Their new store has just opened on the Kings Road in Chelsea. 

“Tea should be an affordable, everyday luxury,” says Heidi, a former Martha Stewart Living editor, stylist and columnist. “Bellocq’s sophisticated approach to flavor and fragrance is tailored to a well educated, stylish, and sophisticated customer. Our company intends to reinvent the tea business to suit the needs and desires of the modern customer. We have genuine, intriguing relationships with our clients; we share great service and beautiful teas and they share personal and beautiful tea stories. Scent and flavor not only bring back forgotten memories, they also enrich the present. Great teas can be powerful conduit to unite life’s precious moments.”

See the range of teas available here

Where: http://www.bellocq.com/

Our post was kindly reposted by our friends at Bellocq – have a look! 


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