Yogi Lifestyle: Discussion Point – “YOGI YOU Pointers”

Promoting the benefits of leading a Yogi London Lifestyle is extremely important to us. Have a bit more of a read about our practical and pragmatic approach here.

To put this philosophy into practise, we thought that we would collate a few of our own Yogi You pointers.

Remember, we’re not perfect! This isn’t a sermon – we’re still learning and we’ll be learning until the day we die. None of us are perfect, we all have bad days and we can all be a bit useless.

These pointers are just a collection of ideas that we try to put into practise. If we don’t manage it and fall off the bike, we don’t beat ourselves up about it. We just get right back on and keep pedalling.

We also like Lulu Lemon’s tips – have a read here.

Why don’t you share with us your own Yogi Londoner tips? These can be as practical as telling us what’s in your lunch box, to how you approach stressful situations like boring tube commutes and even more philosophical pointers like the ones below. Tell us how YOU approach investing in your health wealth and happiness.

 Some Yogi Lifestyle Keywords and Focus:

  1. Breathe
  2. Listen
  3. Accept
  4. Love
  5. Laugh
  6. Enjoy
  7. Experience
  8. Free
  9. Give
  10. Appreciate
  11. Eat well
  12. Drink well
  13. Live well
  14. Be well
  15. Practise
  16. Believe
  17. Grow
  18. Think
  19. Feel
  20. Invest
  21. Try
  22. Philosophise
  23. Jump
  24. Dance
  25. Unite
  26. Focus
  27. Create

Fuelling your body

  1. Try to change your approach to nutrition…we believe that food and drink are wonderful fuel for your body. They are something to respect, appreciate and enjoy. It’s cheesy, and just like mama used to say, but we really are blessed to not have to fight for food, like our ancestors did and sadly like many people who live in the world today. Try not to take these gifts for granted. Make intelligent lifestyle choices. Invest in your nutrition
  2. Stop poisoning your body
  3. Try to drink lots of water and herbal tea
  4. Try to drink no or as little alcohol as you can. We all like a fun night out….but, as we all know deep down, alcohol – especially in large amounts – just isn’t good for you. What’s even worse is binge drinking. We’re not teetotal at Yogi London, however, we do believe in drinking alcohol responsibly and avoiding it when you can. Goodbye hangovers! Trust us, you’ll be surprised at what a great night you can have without it
  5. Try to eat pure food as possible
  6. Try to avoid all the obvious food nasties as much as possible. We’re referring to the obvious ones… think about it….yep, you don’t need to be a nutritionist to know that coffee, sweeteners, white sugar and white flour just aren’t good for you, especially in large amounts. Our bodies simply haven’t evolved to digest them correctly
  7. Try to see food as delicious fuel to feed your body. Invest in your health wealth. Your body is your best friend. Give your body the best fuel that you can manage. Love your body and it will love you
  8. Try not to smoke
  9. Try not to use chemical products onto your skin
  10. Try not to put chemical products into your body
  11. Try to breathe correctly
  12. Try to have a good posture and align your body correctly


  1. Try to see life as a work in progress
  2. It’s never too late; if you haven’t started yet, start now!
  3. A little bit a day goes a long way…these things accumulate. And before you know it you WILL achieve your goal. We believe in YOU!
  4. Try to believe in the connectivity of your actions; what goes out will come back in, both good or bad
  5. Try not to be afraid to be different; be special
  6. Try not to think ‘might’, ‘could’ or ‘should’ when you aim to achieve something. Instead, have positive thoughts and project success onto your goal
  7. Try to accept that life is a transient, short thing. It is a very precious gift that should be appreciated and never, under any circumstances, taken for granted. Sounds painfully cheesy, but we see life like those little feathers (or bits of fluff!) which you often see floating around. They can be easily sent off course, meaning that they can float off to the most extraordinary places, both good or bad. They are fragile little things which can disappear at any moment
  8. Live in the moment and appreciate the joy of being alive
  9. Try not to waste
  10. Remember don’t beat yourself up about experiencing failure. Failure makes you human, it gives you a sense of humanity, it gives you an experiences, it makes you a better person and, most importantly, it stops you from making the same mistake again. Make a success of a failure
  11. That which matters the most should never give way to that which matters the least
  12. Try to have a very quiet confidence, security, respect and love of who you are. It should be a very silent whisper, not so loud it over powers other people’s song, but not so quiet that it cannot be heard. We should all sing these quiet songs in harmony and in tune with other people


  1. Try to do yoga and as much other exercise as you can
  2. Try to enjoy exercise and moving your body
  3. Try to exercise, stretch, move, for however short a time, once a day


  1. Try to spend time outdoors. Try to love and experience nature, the elements, the purity, the wonder, the differences and the dynamism of the world and all its parts
  2. Try to dance, listen to music, enjoy art, read books, learn a language, speak to new people, go to random places
  3. Try to see and feel life in colour, not in black and white
  4. Try to laugh. Try to have fun. Try to enjoy life
  5. Give it your best shot and don’t sweat the small stuff
  6. Try to remember that stress is pointless and causes 99% of all illness

Loved ones

  1. Try to spend time with your family, friends and people who you love and love you
  2. Try to show the best of your qualities to those people . Only give them the very best of you: be calm, show love, appreciation, dedication and respect. Give them your time and thought. Give them the very best of you, not the worst

Dealing with people

  1. Try not to blame other people. However bad it is, or however bad that you might feel it is, you CAN make your own future and your own destiny. This YOUR life, your body, your mind and your soul
  2. Try to feel comfortable on your own
  3. Try not to covet from other people. Try to accept and learn to love what you have
  4. Try to learn from the bad behaviour of others and also of yourself. Learn from mistakes and take positivity from negative situations
  5. Try to form your own opinions but also have courage to listen and to consider other ones
  6. Try not to be afraid to say sorry and accept that you were wrong
  7. Try to have the bravery and courage needed to see the other side –  you don’t have to agree, but try to understand at least
  8. Try not to attack others when you find yourself in stressful situations. Be reasonable, cool down, revisit

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