Teacher Review: Quantum Yoga – “Lara Baumann”

Quantum Yoga is a dynamic flow form of yoga developed by yogi Lara Baumann. First, the teacher identifies the kind of sequences and yoga practice most suitable for you, based on an Ayurvedic assessment of your physical and mental attributes. Your training will aim to regulate your traits.

Lara teaches publically and privately all over the world. She also is currently on a world tour of teacher training, co-ordinating retreats and and various private teaching.

Lara teaches public lessons on Tuesday nights in Notting Hill. She also is hosting a number of retreats and courses in 2011.

Book: Quantum Yoga, Creating Your Ideal Practice From an Ocean of Possibilities

There are many DVDs available to purchase too!

Telephone: 0795 741 8597

Email: lara@larayoga.com

Website: http://www.larayoga.com/ or http://www.quantumyoga.com/

Great shots of Lara’s wonderful ability on this website: http://www.healingguide.org/retreat/lara-baumann.html


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