Teacher Review: Hatha and Yin Yoga – “Divya Kohli”

Upavista Konasana-jpegDivya teaches, and encourages a ‘mindful’ yoga practise; refining one’s attention and developing one’s self awareness. In this way, through the vehicle of yoga students can cultivate deep insight about themselves, and their environment.

Through such self-discovery, we find and create a stronger connection not only to our inner values but to the world around us.

Classes are based on classical Hatha Yoga postures, combined with further influences from wider Indian and Buddhist traditions.

Time and assistance is given to enable every student, wherever they are ‘at’ at the time, to really get into and breathe life through the ‘heart’ of a pose.
Divya’s practise and teaching combines a keen focus on alignment, a mix of Yin (long, deep held poses) and Yang (dynamic movement) – and a healthy dose of wit and earthiness!

Yoga Tuition Offered: 

Private Classes for Adults
Yoga for relief from Stress, Anxiety or Depression
Open Group Classes in West Hampstead
Ante+Post Natal Yoga
Yoga in your Workplace

Website: www.yogawithdivya.co.uk

Email: yogawithdivya@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 07930 410 387


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