Events: Course – “8 week course, Intermediate Hatha Yoga, Beginning 12th April 2010”

This is an intermediate course focusing on the most commonly practiced techniques of Hatha Yoga. This course introduces and extends techniques in a methodical, hands-on manner, with commentary that explains the original context of techniques and their relevance to modern life.

Contemporary western practice is centred upon five elements found in Hatha Yoga:

• Pranayama (breathwork)

• Asana (posture and kinesiology)

• Dharana (first stage meditation)

• Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)

• Yogic Nutrition.

The course will enable enable you to experience and measure your progress – in learning foundational techniques; in developing strength, stamina, balance and flexibility; and in gaining greater concentration and peace of mind.

The practice of yoga should be intrinsically rewarding and contribute to good health and mental balance. You should have some experience of Yoga (any form) and be physically confident to participate fully in this course.

Time: 20:00 – 21:30

Concessions: £42.00 (GBP) (Students/ Unemployed / OAPs)

Block booking: £52.00 (GBP) for 12 weeks

Yoga style: Hatha Yoga Ability

Level: Intermediate

Course Length: 8 week course

Course Title: Intermediate Hatha Yoga

Start Date: Beginning 12th April 2010

Location: Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Road, Waterloo, London, London, SE1 7HT

Telephone: 07944 044616

For booking details see the Morley College website:


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