Yogi Lifestyle: Discussion Point – “YOGI LONDON Lifestyle”

We at YOGI LONDON strongly believe that practicing yoga and leading a yogi lifestyle can improve everyone and anyone’s quality of life, regardless of their age, sex or bendiness.

We don’t want to create an exclusive club for those who are advanced yogi gods and goddesses. It’s a forum for everyone to find what’s best for them, whoever they are and where ever they live.

To sum up our yogi philosophy, we don’t just believe that going to a yoga class twice a month is quite enough. Rachel from the Jivamukti Yoga Centre in Ladbroke Grove, perfectly summed up the modern lifestyle choices which we are trying to promote with this website:

“What is yoga? It’s about washing the dishes, weeding your garden and cooking for the people you love”

We believe that small, practical, daily adjustments can be made to improve the everyday health of your mind and body. We want to encourage people to instil some order and personal control back into their lives. And no where is it more important to take these vital steps than in busy, whirlwind filled London where it is so easy to forget the bigger picture in the hectic journey from A to B.

How often have you felt overwhelmed and upset, rushed off your feet and full to the brim with alcohol and with ‘bad’ food?  It can leave you feeling depressed, spotty, tired and generally in a negative frame of mind. It can also leave you too exhausted to truly savour life and appreciate the joy of being alive. “Where has the time gone?”, we often ask ourselves, but the truth is that ‘time flies’ when you are too busy to live more in the moment and long dis-eased with the substances with which you have chosen fuel your body.

We at YOGI LONDON believe that we should all try to become mini yogis and integrate its practical lifestyle philosophies into our everyday thought process. Like our friends at Headspace, much of what we wish to promote isn’t mystical mumbo jumbo, which some people might find intimidating or just plain silly. We want to encourage people to listen to their inner voice and use practical common sense to improve their life quality and inner health.

Many of us wish to change our lifestyles, because we deep down know it’s good for us. We know that we could improve our life quality, our minds and our bodies, and we also instinctually often know the changes which we could make to achieve this. However, despite all of this we all still struggle to make those changes and release ourselves from negative habits: “Manana, manana,” we think, “I’ll do it later, it’s easier to carry on in the old way for now, i don’t have time this week.”

But we at YOGI LONDON aren’t calling for a revolution. We aren’t advising that you suddenly become tee total vegans and leave everything which you’re used to behind…for most, this just isn’t practical. But, we do feel passionately that everyone should have a go at making some small changes to their lives and to their attitude. You won’t regret it and you’ll feel the difference, we promise…


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