Special Offer: £20 for 1 month of classes – “Bikram Yoga, Wimbledon”

Bikram Yoga needs to be practised commitedly for the first few weeks as your body needs to get used to the combination of heat and exercise…

That’s why this amazing deal should help you to give it a go for a month without having to splash out. If you live in Wimbledon and you like heat, you have no excuses not to try this out for a mere £20!

The sun has started to reappear and we all realise how sluggish we’ve been over the dark winter months… Well I’ll bet you that ten sessions of 90 minutes, at 40 degrees heat should give your body a great immunity boost and will flush out any toxins still lurking from the holiday season.

Remember, Bikram is a very different type of yoga. It’s extremely HOT! If you don’t get on with the heat, do not worry. There are plenty of other styles of yoga out there for you. Find a yoga centre for you.

How do I get it?

Go to Living Deals TODAY. Repeat – this deal is for TODAY only!


Address: 7 Elm Grove, Wimbledon, SW19 4HE

Telephone: 0208 944 9771

One thought on “Special Offer: £20 for 1 month of classes – “Bikram Yoga, Wimbledon”

  1. I would avoid this place, they are not helpful and friendly and for a first timer did not make me feel welcome. Facilities cramped and the carpet smells!

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