Teacher Nomination – Anusara Inspired Yoga – “Lisa Sanfillipo”

YOGI LONDON have received two nominations for Lisa in two days!

We at YOGI LONDON have had the pleasure taking her class before and can understand why she has so much support from her students. Thank you to Lisa for being such an inspiration in her practice and her life.

My Yoga teacher is compassionate, skilled and an excellent communicator.

I met her 2 1/2 years ago when I first came to London from the US. She had just given up a job as a policy analyst to teach yoga full-time. She gave up comparative riches and security for yoga,she believes in it so.

She teaches Anusara yoga and the tantric philosophy which is an important part of Anusara. Community is also an Anusara ideal and she has created an inclusive community of yoga practitioners of all ages and abilities.

She has inspired me to push beyond some of the limits which I had thought were absolute due to my age (61). Also she has emphasised the importance of meditation which has inspired me to meditate daily and she has helped me to establish a home practice for the days I can’t be in class.

She has awesome strength and can do amazing arm balance routines.

Nominated by: Susan

Lisa is a truly amazing human being; she teaches from a place of absolute love and offers light and laughter to her students.

I’ve had the honour of working with her when I was at a ‘yoga low’ and she completely re-ignited my fire for it, and I am now studying to teach yoga under her excellent guidance.

Through her teachings I have reached places in my physical body I never thought possible, and places in my mind I never dreamed of. All done with care and respect. Her ability to wrap physical asana with yoga philosophy into fun, creative and challenging classes is a real inspiration for anyone wanting to practice or teach. Her unwavering love for yoga is embodied in her style, her grace and her classes and gives those who come her classes something more than an hour’s stretch on a mat – she gives them an experience to take into their lives. 

She is my mentor and friend and her inexhaustible compassion and undying love for yoga and her friends is why she is shining beacon of love and light.

Nominated by: Ryan

Lisa teachers at The Life Centre in Notting Hill and Triyoga (Primrose Hill)

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If you have practiced with Lisa before and want to add your support, please leave a comment below


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