Teacher Nomination: Hatha Yoga – “Dorita Sheriff”

“Dorita Sheriff is a calm, experienced and enlightening teacher. She practises traditional hatha yoga. Unlike many teachers, she focuses on positioning making sure that her students learn to practice correctly and safely. Her classes are therefore very educating and really do help you to become better.

Furthermore, Dorita also focuses on breathing and intergrating it with movement. This helps to maximise what one can achieve from your practice: helping to keep focus and enabling you to hold positions more deeply.

The webiste for her centre, which is located on the North End Road, is http://www.kensingtonyoga.co.uk She teaches at 615pm on Monday evenings and at 730pm and Tuesday evenings at 630pm.

Her classes are £8 and 75 mins long. She sends out invites by email every week and if you wish to attend just respond by e mail or text!”

Nominated by: Camilla, Londoner and long-term, part-time yoga lover and believer in the yogi London lifestyle

This yoga teacher nomination is part of a series that Yogi London has started to encourage students to support their teachers by nominating them. We believe that yoga teachers deserve more recognition for the wonderful work that they do and the change that they make to our lives….

Nominate your yoga teacher!

If you know Dorita or have practiced with her, please leave your comments as further support.


One thought on “Teacher Nomination: Hatha Yoga – “Dorita Sheriff”

  1. Dorita has taught me yoga now for about 8 months. She is very strong, competent and really cares about her students! I always feel good after one of her classes, she has been a real inspiration for me.

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