Centre: West London – “The Kensington Yoga Centre”

Kensington yoga centre

We at Yogi London are massive fans of the Kensington Yoga Centre, which was set up by the Health and Education Trust. The charity is keen to help the community achieve mind and body health through yoga practise and spread the merits of yoga in an open, approachable and user friendly way. They have priced the sessions very reasonably and their lesson timetable is both flexible and convenient.

Meditation and yoga therapy

There are various fantastic yoga courses on offer: from kiddies, pregnany, beginners, to the more advanced. They also offer courses in meditation and Yoga Therapy, to help aliviate the causes and symptoms of various dis-eases, such as asthma, hypertension and diabetes.

Lessons in holistic living

This wonderful group of teachers aim for their centre to be a place where students can learn not just about yoga but also about how to provide a holistic healthy lifestyle for their families. Kensington Yoga offers a creche service, as well as healthy cooking lessons in various styles from Indian and Mediterranean to traditional English.  Food for lunch can be purchased if ordered in advance – yummy!
This truly is a wonderful centre and the endeavours of these thoughtful, experienced and enthusiastic teachers should be commended and supported by the community which they are trying so hard to help.

Address: 41A North End Road, West Kensington, London, W14 8SZ
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