Yogi Lifestyle: Drinking Well – “Warming Winter Ginger Tea”

In the first of Yogi London’s product reviews, I bring you Birt&Tang’s Ginger Herbal Tea. There has been a wave of new tea infusions but I have to say that this really is of superior quality – you can truly taste that it is genuinely rooted in traditional wisdom. For £1.99, 20 cups of this tea will bring you comfort, inspiration and respite even on a January budget.

Ginger tea

It is a mix of ginger, pu-er tea, date, apple and clove. The ginger gives it the recognisable zing and refreshing pick-me-up which is reinforced by the pu-er tea. This tea is a “unique type of green tea where the leaves are dried, pressed into cakes and then left to ferment like a good bottle of wine. Pu’er tea is packed full of polyphenols, powerful anti-oxidants that are believed to help the body fight off illness” says the Brit&Tang website.

The warm winter fruits and spices gives it a mellow and comforting flavour that is often missing in other ginger teas and ginger infusions. A beautiful cup of tea from a very appealing tea company.

Brit&Tang use recipes created by a Shanghai herbalist based on tradition Chinese wisdom. The tea packaging shares some of this ancient wisdom. On my ginger tea packet I am told:

“If someone is lacking in energy, let them replenish it with flavours. If a person’s body appears weak, let them strengthen it with Qi”. The Herbal Classic of Shen-nong, Before 221BC

I appreciate having a thought to ponder whilst enjoying the flavours found in each sip of this Ginger Herbal Tea.

If you love this tea as much as I do, you could also try poaching pears in it. Try this recipe from BBC Good Food which uses cranberry sauce, orange, honey and spiced tea: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/13144/poached-pears-in-spiced-tea

You can buy Brit&Tang tea directly from the website, in all major supermarkets and many smaller independent shops (which we recommend). See the full list of stockists to find your nearest store.


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