Disciplines: Yoga Dance – “The Yoga Groove Foundation”

At the launch of the Yoga Groove Foundation, Keef Miles instructed a Yoga Dance class. I say this often on this blog, but it was like nothing I’ve experienced before! Keef uses yoga principals of awareness of your body and movement to bring your mind, breath and body together in ecstatic dancing. You have to have an open mind to come into this class, but once you’re in it, you can open your heart and feel joyous and free.

Free your mind

We started standing around the room with our eyes closed. Slow music played as he took our awareness through our body with our breath, becoming aware of every part with visualization techniques. By bringing your focus into your self at the beginning, your body can follow the music and your questioning, sceptical mind can go to sleep.

One woman even in the warm up was so relaxed and taken by the process that she kept crying out in laughter as the joy flowed from her heart. To achieve that level of openness and acceptance of your self is far far away for most English people.

Beautiful spirits

The beat of the songs build up and up until everyone is ecstatically rithing, bobbing, thrusting, leaping, crawling around the room to a techno track more likely to be heard at a trance fest than in a yoga class. Everyone had their own dance and own expression bursting in the room. My dance was one step more free than how I dance at home, drunk, when no one is watching. Keef called us ‘beautiful spirits’, which fits the scene well.

Reaching out

As I left the class and went towards Camden tube, I was aware of the dynamic of a group of young people who were pumped up and heading for a night out. I could sense in a few of them the anguish in their hearts. I saw a girl who had worn a ‘sexy’ outfit to fit in with her friends but her sidewards look and awkward smile gave her fear away. The room where I had just come from over-spilled with freedom, acceptance and joy. Faces glowed with life and happiness.

The Yoga Groove Foundation has been set up to bring yoga to those who may not have access to it and I think that Yoga Dance with Keef could be a fantastic way to reach people who have a preconception of what yoga is. It just goes to prove, once again, that yoga is full of variety and that there’s something there for everyone. It was a great evening for what I hope will be a great charity.

For more information on Keef’s Yoga Dance classes

For more information on the Yoga Groove Foundation


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